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Adam Compact Balances

WBWa M Wash Down Scales / Capacity:  0g - 15kg

NTEP and Canada Approved
Ideal for food preparation

CQT Grain Scale / Capacity:  1750g

Developed specifically for agricultural use, simple, low cost solution; can be used in the field

CPWplus Bench Scales / Capacity:  13lb - 440lb / 6000g - 200kg

CPW-plus models are multi-purpose industrial scales, durable and dependable

ADAM Core Compact Portable Balances / Capacity:  200g - 5000g

Core series from Adam Equipment is the best choice for simple operation and economy.

Highland Portable Precision Balances / Capacity:  120g - 3000g

Highland balances have what it takes for basic lab work, field use & various industrial applications

Dune Compact Balances / Capacity:  13lb - 440lb / 6000g - 200kg

Multi-purpose industrial scales for quick and easy weighing

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