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Baileigh R-CNC55 Roll Bender

Hydraulic Roll Bender R-CNC55

Roll Bender R-CNC55


Made in Portugal

The R-CNC55 roll bender from Baileigh Industrial will allow your shop to make more money with less scrap.  Simply input the desired radii of the finished product load the material and voila out comes the finished product.  This cnc roll bender has three driven rolls and can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position.  The setup of the R-CNC55 roll bender is very easy, because of its integrated software.  The software was designed especially for CNC roll bending applications, so it is extremely intuitive and easy to operate and program through the use of its touch screen operator pedestal.  The top roll is adjusted hydraulically and the bottom rolls have a unique mechanical side to side adjustment for less “length of straight” at the beginning and end of the bend.  The R-CNC55 comes with a unique digital measuring device for fast calibration, but will also measure the length of bend and the radius of each bend automatically, ensuring the most accurate roll bender ever.

The frame of the R-CNC55 roll bender is made from extremely rigid plate steel that is electro welded for further structural strength allowing for no flex at full capacity.  Like the rest of the Baileigh Industrial roll bender family, the R-CNC55 is made from only the highest quality components, ensuring a long and productive life.

For more information on the R-CNC55 roll bender or any of the other quality roll benders that Baileigh Industrial sells, contact a customer service representative.



Horse Power 5.3
Round Tube Capacity Size: 4" (.083") / Min. Dia.: 72"
Shaft Center Distance Adj. (lower rolls)
Shaft Diameter 2.165"
Roll Adjustment Hydraulic
Lower Roll Dia. 6.693"
Solid Round Capacity Size: 2" / Min. Dia. 28"
Pipe Capacity Size: 2.5" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 40"
Pinch Single
Square Capacity Size: 1.75" / Min. Dia. 28"
Square Tube Capacity Size: 2.75" (.083") / Min. Dia.: 54"
Power Requirements 220V 3- phase
Angle Iron Capacity Size: 3" (.250")/ Min. Dia.: 36"
Digital Readout Yes
Flat Bar Easy Way Size: 5" (.75") / Min. Dia. 28"
Flat Bar Hard Way Size: 3.5" (.675")/ Min. Dia.: 32"
Shipping Weight 1728 lbs
Dimensions L x W x H 60" x 44" x 68"
specifications subject to change without notice


Capacity Size Min Diameter
5.5” (sch.40)
Round Tube
6.250” (.125”)
Square Tube
4” (.196”)
Angle Iron
4.75” (.5”)
Solid Square
Solid Round
Flat Bar Easy Way
Flat Bar Hard Way
5.5" (1.125")
All Specs based of 60,000 PSI (42 kg/mm2) Tensile Strength - Mild Steel
Specs are to be used as a base line for purchase purposes only.
Baileigh Industrial cannot control Variations in Material.
Consult a Baileigh Industrial representative to assist in choosing the optimal machine for your application.
There are no listed accessories.

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