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Baileigh CS-400AV Automatic Cold Saw

(blade not included)

Automatic Cold Saw CS-400AV

Made in Taiwan

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If you have a shop that cuts a lot of aluminum, then you need a fully automatic cold saw that is made purposely for non-ferrous materials.   The CS-400AV from Baileigh Industrial might just be the perfect saw.  This automatic cold saw uses a 16 inch blade that spins at 3200 RPM, higher speeds help prolong blade life when cutting through softer metals such as aluminum or copper.

The CS-400AV operates on 220 volt three phase power, and uses a 5hp motor to turn the blade through its gear driven head.  A 3hp motor powers the industrial grade hydraulic system, which controls the vise and the blade gap compensation device.

The CS-400AV is a fully automatic cold saw that features automatic material feeding, hydraulic vise clamping, and cutting.  The automatic feeding system on the CS-400AV is extremely easy to use and has a series of user defined switch locations to determine length of cut.  The material feed system has floating vise that is adjustable in just about any way imaginable and uses a maximum of three strokes between cuts to achieve a maximum cut length of 77 inch.  The length of each cut is displayed on the control panel.

This column style cut off saw is perfect for production cutting to length and has a non mitering head to ensure that a true 90 degrees is always kept during the cut.  Since the CS-400AV spins at 3200 rpm there will be a lot of chip flying everywhere.  To combat this Baileigh industrial includes an industrial chip collection device.  And to help things stay cool during the cutting process, a flood coolant system is also part of the package.


Max. Blade Diameter 18 - 16 inch standard (blade not included)
Operation Automatic
Head Miter None
Round Solid at 90° 6 inch
Rectangle Tube at 90° 6 x 2.375 inch
Square Tube at 90° 4.75 4.75 inch
Round Tube at 90° 6 inch
Coolant System Yes
Vice Style Single Action with Floating Feed
Max. Vice Opening 6 inch
Head Style Column
Arbor Size 1 inch
Motor 5 hp
Power Requirements 220V / 3-phase
Blade Speed 3200 (rpm)
Shipping Weight 3,630 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 87 x 52 x 60 inch


Model CS-400AV
Fixed Head 90 deg
s-h alt 6 in
s-h alt 4-3/4 in
s-h alt 6 in
s-h alt 4-3/4 in  x 4-3/4 in
s-h alt 4-3/4 in  x 4-3/4 in
s-h alt 6 in  x 4-3/4 in
s-h alt  6 in  x 2-3/8 in

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