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CST XLP-34 Mini Multi-Line and Point Las

CST/berger XLP-34
Interior-Exterior Mini Multi-Line and Point Laser Cross with Down Plumb, Self-Leveling

Precise 90-degree Square and Leveling

Quickly Level, Plumb and Align Any Project

  • 3 Laser-crosses at 90° to each other
  • Laser-cross to the ceiling
  • Plumb down beam to the floor
  • Two precise 90-degree vertical lines, One precise horizontal line
  • Electronic self-leveling, ±5-degrees
  • Co-molded rubber housing for impact resistant and weather and dust protection

- Interior * Exterior -

Interior Package


Includes: Laser Tripod-Magnetic Targets, Laser Glasses, Batteries, Case, Manual

Complete Package


Includes: XLD-2 Detector, B-Mount, Laser Tripod-Magnetic, 2-Magnetic Targets, Laser Glasses, Batteries, Case, Manual

Laser Diode: (3) Five- 635nm
(1) One- 650nm
Accuracy-Up Plumb, Level: Up to ± 1/8" @ 100' (3.3mm @ 30m)
Accuracy-Down Plumb: Up to ± 1/8" @ 100' (3.3mm @ 30m)
Range: Up to 100' (30m) depending on illumination. When use with detector- up to 300' (90m)
Leveling Type: Electronic self-leveling, ± 5º
Environment: Water and dust proof, IP54
Power: Three (3) "AA" Alkaline batteries
Warranty: 1 yr.
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