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Phase II Digital Shore A Durometer


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  • Crafted and engineered to perform at the highest level of accuracy.

  • An ergonomic and attractive design combined with lightweight assists in taking precise Hardness measurements.

  • A precision 35E blunt point is used to achieve superior accuracy

  • Easy Digital reading of Hardness value

  • Locks in peak value

  • Allows averaging

  • RS-232 output

  • Auto off/Low battery warning

  • Conforms to ASTM D-2240, ISO 7619, DIN 53505 standards


Measuring Range  0-100HA
Accurate and repetitive deviation 20~90HA HA<+/-1grade
Resolution .2HA
Dimensions 6.60" x 1.22" x 1.18" (168mm x 31mm x 30mm)
Weight 5.4oz
Power 3 SR-44 batteries
Battery life approx. 380 hours
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