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Phase II PHT-1100 Portable Hardness Test


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  • Capable of measuring the surface Hardness and tensile properties of a broad variety of metals on flat and round surfaces.

  • This instrument comes with an integrated Hardness impact probe and digital displaymeter.

  • Users can quickly print test data using the integrated, removable dot matrix printer.

  • Reliable Hardness property measures of steel and cast steel, alloy steel, gray cast iron, cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, brass, bronze and copper, and tensile property measurements of carbon alloys, steel alloys, ( cr-v, cr-mo, cr-ni-mo, cr-mn-si), super strength alloys and stainless steel alloys are easily attained with this compact instrument.


  • Display test results in all various Hardness Scales: hrb, hrc, hb, hv, hsd, hl

  • Test at any angle, even upside down!

  • Conversion to ultimate tensile strength

  • Immediate conversion between hardness scales, and print-out if desired

  • Input and print-out of test number and date

  • Input and print-out of material type and test direction

  • Print-out of test results via integral printer

  • Low battery indication

  • Comes complete with protective carrying case, test block, support ring, cleaning brush and battery charger

Overall dimensions 10.6 x 3.4 x 1.8in. (270 x 86 x 47mm)
Total weight 1.4lb (650g, including impact device and printer)
Operating temperature Processor: 5-104 degrees Fahrenheit
Impact device: -4 to 248 degrees
Measuring accuracy +- 0.8% of reading at LD=900
Repeatability +- 0.8% of reading at LD=900
Operating voltage 4.7v - 6.0v (nicd batteries)
Hardness measuring ranges with standard impact device D
HRC 20-68; HRB 13-100; HB 30-650; HV 80-980; HSD 32-100; HL 200-900


Impact devices D/DC/DL D+15 C G E
Impact energy 11Nmm 11Nmm 3Nmm 90Nmm 11Nmm
Mass of the impact body 5. 5g 7. 8g 3. 0g 20g 5. 5g
  DL: 7.3g        
Test tip +- 0.8% of reading at LD=900        
* Hardness 1600HV 1600HV 1600HV 1600HV 5000HV
* Diameter 3mm 3mm 3mm 5mm 3mm
* Material   Tungsten Tungsten   Diamond
    Carbide Carbide    
Impact device          
* Diameter 20mm 20mm 20mm 30mm 20mm
* Length 147/86mm 162mm 141mm 254mm 155mm
* Weight 75/50g 80g 75g 250g 80g
Max. hardness of sample 940HV 940HV 1000HV 650HB 1200HV
Preparation of surface          
* Roughness class ISO N7 N7 N5 N9 N7
* Max. roughness depth Rt 10 µ m 10 µ m 2.5 µ m 30 µ m 10 µ m
* Average roughness Ra 2 µ m 2 µ m 0. 4 µ m 7 µ m 2 µ m
Min. weight of sample          
* Of compact shape 5kg 5kg 1.5kg 15kg 5kg
* On solid support 2kg 2kg 0.5kg 5kg 2kg
* Coupled on plate 0. 1kg 0. 1kg 0. 02kg 0. 5kg 0. 1kg
Min. thickness of sample          
* Coupled 3mm 3mm 1mm 10mm 3mm
* Min. thickness of layers 0. 8mm 0. 8mm 0. 2mm - 0. 8mm
Indentation of test tip          
With 300 HV          
* Diameter 0. 54mm 0. 54mm 0. 38mm 1.03mm 0. 54mm
* Depth 24 µ m 24 µ m 12 µ m 53 µ m 24 µ m
with 600 HV          
* Diameter 0. 45mm 0. 45mm 0. 32mm 0. 90mm 0. 45mm
* Depth 17 µ m 17 µ m 8 µ m 41 µ m 17 µ m
with 800 HV          
* Diameter 0. 35mm 0. 35mm 0. 30mm - 0. 35mm
* Depth 10 µ m 10 µ m 7 µ m - 10 µ m
Device Special Feature Application Weight
D Universal standard unit majority of hardness testing assignments 75g
DC Extremely short impact device. Spring loaded with a special loading stick Used for very confined spaces (holes, cylinders, or for internal measurements on assembled machines). 50g
D+15 Slim front section and with measuring coil moved back Hardness measurements in grooves and on recessed surfaces 80g
DL Needle front section diameter 2.78mm length=50mm Measurements in extremely confined spaces 100g
C Reduced impact energy (approx. 1/4 of type d) Surface hardened components, coatings, thin walled or impact sensitive components 75g
G Enlarged test tip. (Approx. 9 times larger than type d). Low demands on measuring surface finish. For measurements in the brinel range only (max. 650 hb) Solid components such as heavy castings and forging.




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