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Phase II Plus PTG-1000 Coating Thickness



  • The PHASE II PTG-1000 can perform two different methods of calculating Coating thickness measurement by utilizing the characteristics of both eddy current and magnetic induction.

  • Both non-destructively and very accurately.

  • By attaching the appropriate probe (F-or N-type) you can detect either the thickness of nonmagnetic coating on a magnetic substrate or an insulating coating on a non-magnetic conductive substrate.

  • The PTG-1000 provides two operating modes: direct and application/batch(this mode stores both calibration setting and readings taken).

  • The memory has a storage capacity for up to 3000 readings.

  • Five different statistical parameters can be calculated, displayed and printed.

  • Using a special calibrating method the thickness of a chromic coating on a copper substrate can be measured.

  • The PTG-1000 also provides a Calibration-through-coating (CTC) feature when only one coated substrates are available for measurement. Also by attaching a special CN200-probe, the thickness of non-magnetic conductive coating (copper, aluminum) on an insulating substrate(plastics, print boards) can be measured.

Main Functions

  • Ten types of probes are available to cover a whole range of special measurement requirements: F-probes (ferrous) and N-probes (non-ferrous)

  • Four methods can be used to calibrate the COATER

  • Special feature: Calibration Through Coating (CTG)

  • Five different statistical parameters can be calculated, displayed and printed

  • Two measuring modes can be selected: continuous and single

  • Two operating modes are provided: direct and application/batch

  • The memory has a storage capacity for up to 3000 readings

  • Histogram can be printed out for further analysis for measured values

  • Limits can be set, outside limit warning will be given

  • Automatic or manual switch off

  • Easy deletions of wrong settings or readings

  • Retrieval and print out of stored readings if desired

  • Buzz prompts next step of operation

  • Low battery indicator

  • Errors during operation indicated by buzzing and error codes on LCD

  • Instrument can be used with or without the integral / removable printer


Measuring Range 0-10.000 m m max
Guaranteed Tolerance: +- 1%H +1 m m (where H = nominal value)
Min. Substrate Thickness F1-probe 0.5mm 
N1-probe 0.3mm
Min Diameter of Substrate F1-probe 3mm
N1-probe 6mm
Operating Temperature 32-113 degrees F (0-45 degrees C)
Surface Temperature of Test Object 302 degrees F
(contact time max is 2 seconds)
Power Source 4 x 1.25V NiMH batteries
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.6 x 3.4 x 1.8in. (270 x 86 x 47mm)
Weight 1.4lbs (650g)
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