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101952 JET S90-500-20, 5-Ton Hand Chain Hoist with 20ft Lift is the ideal contractor grade hoist, reliable and durable for light industrial use. 101952

Mfg. item #: 101952
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5-Ton Hand Chain Hoist with 20' Lift | S90-500-20
has a Lifetime warranty
  • Grade 80 black oxide coated load chain for added durability
  • Heat Treated Load Plates
  • Industrial rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging and slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation
  • Intended for the harshest environments, the heat treated load plates and case hardened corrosive resistant internal parts extend the life of the hoist
  • Needle bearings support the load sheave to increase efficiency and promote smooth operation
  • Secured with Allen screws and lock nuts, the cast-steel safety latches are more durable than stamped steel latches and will not bend out of compliance with lifting regulations
  • The smaller body and lightweight design are ideal for confined areas and low headroom applications
  • The Weston style double ratchet pawl brake design splits the load to opposite sides of the ratchet gear for greater load security and increased safety
Detailed Specifications
Capacity (Lbs.)11000 
Load Capacity (Tons)
Lift (Ft.)20 
Overload ProtectionNo 
Load Chain Dimensions dia/mm)10 x 30 
Weight (Lbs.)158 
AccessoriesDetailsEachPack Size 
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