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70411 JET 24 x 40 Parallel WW Clamp Kit provides precision and power exact 90deg clamping at 1000 lbs of pressure. Reversible jaw also used as spreader. 70411

Mfg. item #: 70411
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Parallel Clamp Framing Kit (2 - 24 x 40)
has a Lifetime warranty
  • 2" Bench Dogs can be used to maximize clamp stability anywhere and their aluminum design makes them built for extended durability and stability
  • Acme threaded handle turns easily and applies continuous pressure
  • Cross Doc™ framing blocks can be used for gluing rectangular frames at four points safely and securely
  • Ergonomic SUMOGRIP® handles integrated with soft grip for added comfort and increased torque
  • Four mounting holes guarantee a permanent setup
  • Non-marring composite resin jaw faces
  • Patented Slide-Guide trigger makes precise adjustments rapidly and easily
  • Reversible clamping movable jaw can be reversed and used as a spreader
Detailed Specifications
Style (Type)Parallel 
Clamp Pressure (Lbs.)1,000 
AccessoriesDetailsEachPack Size 
WMH70407Parallel Clamp Moveable Rail Stand (Set Of 4)
WMH70412HHandle | 70412H

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