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Baileigh T-40 Digital Press Brake

Model T-40 Digital / Model T-40 Digital/2 Axis Bender

The programming of digitally controlled models is simple and functional and ensured via the electronic EM6 type CN which, allows the operator to program different work procedures without re-processing the piece. The numerical control is composed as follows:

  • High resolution liquid crystal screen with maximum of 5 digits with decimals
  • 16 button keyboard, 16x2 character LED, X axis (punch stroke), Y axis (lateral piece positioning)
  • 25 program memory on each axis with the option of programming up to 8 work procedures per program (999 repeat steps)
  • 5 language options
  • Imperial and decimal conversion
  • Program selector: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic
  • Precision positioning: ± 0.1 mm
  • Stroke speed adjustment via flow adjustment valve automatic control from CN.

The horizontal press brake was first introduced by SIMASV in 1957, are particularly distinguished by their flexibility and versatility. User-friendly and easy to maintain, our horizontal press brakes can be fitted with countless tools.  Our horizontal bending press fits any small to medium-sized industry  when machinery for large-scale production must necessarily make way for machinery with distinctly lower production costs.

Our horizontal brakes have the following features:  1.) Most tonnage for dollar invested; 2.) Cylinder under work table allowing for better accuracy and more work surface; 3) User performs operation in front of the machine instead of the side of the machine making it easier to produce quality products, and frontal position on our press brakes is protected and practical position for the operator;  4.) Our patented conical pins with lock-on bayonet fittings eliminate all mechanical slack as far as tolerance is concerned, providing maximum rigidity with minimal flexing of work table.  This patented feature is why no other horizontal bending press is as accurate;  5.) Our super series stroke control is by means of hydraulically controlled stroke end devices that allows for greater accuracy (compared to limit switch stroke end control) allowing for continuous movement under pressure, achieving maximum accuracy and repeatability in position;  and much more.

The super series is comprised of the T-40 (45 imperial tons); T-60; T-80; and the T-100.  The 45 ton machine (T-40) is the proper tonnage for 90% of all applications for a horizontal press brake.  For many people who buy or 25 ton machine soon wish they would of made the small extra investment, because the 45 ton machine covers the biggest spectrum of profitable jobs that can be landed by the firm, making the T-40 the most profitable machine in our line up for the investment made.  We do offer the T-40 in a manual mode with the two hand wheels for adjusting the stroke in and out, while we also offer a digital version that allows for programming several hundred complex functions and can come in a two axis machine as well.  To fill out the majority of the bigger tonnage requirements, we offer the T-60 through the T-100.
Our horizontal press brakes can be fitted with hundreds of tooling options for acting as a press brake (using the table as the level for accuracy), ram bender (for pipe or solids), rotary draw tubing bender, shear, punch, ornamental iron twisting machine, straightener, etc.  This machine tool is great for any welding shop, fabricator, or general job shop.  No other machine on the market is as versatile as the horizontal bending press.
Over forty-years of experience and thousands of units sold throughout the world in the sector allows us to offer a competitive product in constant renewal
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Workbench Dimensions 625x1100
Height of workbench from ground 955
Max operating pressure 38.47
Mobile punch stroke adjustment 250
Mobile punch advance and retrieval speed Yes
Mobile punch operating speed 1750/1980
Speed selection device 470
Min. and max. axis base between mobile and fixed pins Yes
Mobile and fixed pins 120/370
Max operating pressure in hydraulic circuit 250bar
Hydraulic Power Unit 70
Slide lubricant Automatic
Max. required power 4HP 3KW
Noise level 71dB
Slide tool shelves 2
Auxiliary lateral holes on workbench Yes
Bending press dimensions-mm (l x w x h) 1200x1150x1110
Weight-Kg 900/950

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