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LaserMark® LaserJamb

LaserMark® LaserJamb™

LaserMark® LaserJamb™
The LaserJamb™ extends between floor and ceiling for a highly adaptable and accurate laser platform.

The LaserJamb is the tool to make optimum use of a rotary laser or LaserMark Gizmo. The LaserJamb can be easily positioned in the corner of the room or the edge of a door jamb, keeping it out of the way as you work. Position your laser at heights anywhere from 4-3/4" up to 148" (12cm to 375cm) in seconds!


  • Calibrated scale and pinstop system allows users to customize the LaserJamb to their most commonly used positions and to their specific model of laser
  • Adjustable "L" bracket allows horizontal, vertical, or angled laser lines
  • Durable hardened aluminum construction provides years of quality results
  • Work easily in confined areas such as closets or small bathrooms
  • The laser is easily leveled with no need to plumb the LaserJamb


LaserJamb - Graduated Inches


LaserJamb - Graduated Metric


Padded Carrying Case for LaserJamb

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