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MultiQuip R-2000H Asphalt Roller

Use the R-2000H for small asphalt paving jobs such as driveways, walkways, bike paths, small parking lots, and for patching.

This roller compacts by weight only (also known as static compaction). This roller can be used for granular sub-base soil compaction in preparation of asphalt paving but it is not considered to be a roller for major soil compaction only. Lifts for soil is estimated to be approximately 4-6" depth; asphalt lifts of 1-2 depth." The R-2000H is a smaller class roller than the Multiquip AR-13H and the smallest ride-on roller we offer.

Features and Benefits

  • 1 3/4" clearance allows close operation nearwalls and obstructions

  • 8 1/2" curb clearance ensures flush compaction to curb

  • Hydrostatic drive for smooth operation

  • Articulated steering

  • Electric start

  • 51-gal. water tank

  • Suitable for sub-base and asphalt

Overall Width In. (mm) 37 (929)
Overall Height In. (mm) 48 (1219)
Overall Length In. (mm) 73 (1854)
Weight, Front-dry Lbs. (kg) 602 (273)
Weight, Front-wet Lbs. (kg) 851 (386)
Weight, Rear-dry Lbs. (kg) 780 (354)
Weight, Rear-wet Lbs. (kg) 1384 (628)
Weight, Total-dry Lbs. (kg) 1382 (627)
Weight, Total-wet Lbs. (kg) 2235 (1014)
Dia., Front Roll In. (mm) 20 (502)
Width, Rear Roll In. (mm) 28 (703 (split)
Dia., Rear Roll In. (mm) 24 (602)
Width, Rear Roll In. (mm) 32 (803)
Side Clearance, left side In. (mm) 1.75 (44.5)
Turning Radius, inside In. (mm) 126 (3200)
Engine HP (kW) 8.0 (6.0)
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Water Tank Capacity gal (l) 21 (79.5)
Gradeability % (°) 26 (15)
Speed mph (kph) 0-5.6 (0-9.0)
Fuel Capacity gal (l) Fuel Capacity gal (l)
Fuel Consumption gal/hr 0.35
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