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MultiQuip Walk Behind Trench Rollers

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Single-Drum Patching Rollers
The ideal solution for asphalt patching jobs too small to be handled with tandem rollers. Dependability and performance make these rollers a favorite of contractors, highway repair agencies and municipalities. A fully enclosed hydrostatic-drive system offers infinitely variable speed control, smooth acceleration and braking

Tandem Drum Rollers
Double-drum rollers easily tackle large asphalt compaction jobs and feature built-in water tanks, hydrostatic drive and spray bars. The MRH800-Series tandem rollers feature a streamlined design that allows access to tighter areas. These versatile rollers are ideal for asphalt patching or compaction of granular soils.

Trench Skid-Steer Rollers
Rammax is one of the world's leading compaction equipment manufacturers. These rollers have four-drum drive, powerful diesel engines and high centrifugal force for maximum compaction and options like solar remote control and variable drum widths.

  MQ RX1575 Articulating Frame Rollers
The MQ Rammax RX157524 is an all new articulating trench roller designed to meet contractor expectations for performance and reliability. Experienced operators will appreciate the new design features that simplify operation and reduce downtime

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