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Diamond Back Core Drill Machine


Features of the Drilling Head

  • Precision rack and pinion gear system.
  • Single-lever "slip-through" feed handle.
  • Locking bolt on the carriage locks the head assembly in any position.
  • Sealed motor switch with ammeter. Extra 115V receptacle for vacuum assembly.
  • Adjustable and replaceable bronze bearing plates for precise head alignment and smooth in-feed travel.
  • Easy on/off motor mounts.
  • Standard maximum bit capacity of 10"; optional spacer available for larger bit capacity.
  • Optional Milwaukee or Dewalt motors

Features of the Base

  • Standard 14" x 22" cast aluminum base is rugged, yet lightweight. Base is reinforced for added rigidity.
  • Four base leveling screws for precise drill alignment, even on rough surfaces.
  • Center mounting slot accommodates anchor bolts or an optional vacuum assembly.

Features of the Column

  • Steel column, 42" long x 2-1/2" square, bolts securely into the base.
  • Built-in jackscrew provides stability for ceiling or wall bracing.
  • Gear rack is welded solidly to the back of the column.


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