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CST LaserCross Rotary Laser Cross Level

LaserCross Rotary Laser Cross Level

The LaserCross rotary laser cross level puts highly visible laser reference lines into a 360° graduated rotating base. Turn the base and place your laser lines anywhere you need them within your workspace, or turn precise angles for easy placement of walls or partitions, cabinets, machinery, and much more. Similar to the LaserMark® Gizmo, this instrument projects a vertical (plumb) line and/or a horizontal (level) line at the press of a button.

  • Leveling accuracy: 3/16" at 30' (5mm at 9m); end to end line accuracy: ±1⁄16" at 10' (±1.5mm at 3m)
  • Line length approximately 60' at 30' (20m at 10m) target distance; 60° fan angle
  • Recommended working range up to 32' (10m), dependent on illumination of work area
  • Base features three manual leveling screws, graduated circle, circular level vial, and 5/8" x 11 mounting thread
  • Weighs 1.9 lbs. (0.86kg)
  • Two "AA" cell batteries provide over 10 hours of use
  • 90 Day Warranty
Laser Diode
Bubble Accuracy
30 minute
8 minute
Axis Accuracy

2 mm

2 mm
__________________________CST ITEMS
LaserCross, 650nm diode
LaserCross, 635nm diode
__________________________LASERPOLE COMBO
Save money with this combo package! Position the LaserCross almost anywhere at any height with the LaserPole (#58-LP12)
650nm LaserCross/LaserPole Combo
635nm LaserCross/LaserPole Combo
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