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Titan PowrTex 15:1 Speeflo Texture Spray

Orange Peel Splatter Popcorn

Knockdown Level 5 and Skim Coat

Product Manual

The air-powered, super-atomizing, heavy material sprayer preferred by contractors for coatings and application projects where airless sprayers cannot be used.

  • Sprays texture products in ready-mix or powdered formulations; drywall mud in an orange peel, splatter or knockdown finish; aggregated coatings, cementation coatings; cold applied mastic coatings such as fibered mastics, fireproofing, roofing and waterproofing; and other materials not suitable for airless spraying.
  • SteadiFlo Valve patented surge control minimizes pulsation and prevents material flow until atomizing air is turned on.
  • SteadiFlo Valve prevents pack out when spraying aggregated and cementatious products.
  • The slow-stroking, hard chrome piston resist wear from course aggregates.
  • Hose lengths up to 200'.
  • Formerly the SuperTex 15.
5-Gallon Heavy-Duty Cart Complete * 515-592
55-Gallon Drum Mount Bare 515-597
Max. Operating Pressure 1500 psi
Air Powered
3.0 gpm
Max. Hose Length 200'
Air Compressor Size
Air Compressor
Recommended Minimum CFM

User Supplied
50 cfm @ 90 psi
Common Applications: Orange Peel, Splatter, Knockdown, Aggregated Coatings, Cementatious Coatings, Cold- Applied Mastic Coatings such as Fibrated Mastics, Fireproofing, Roofing and Waterproofing
Tips Included and Size * 1 – 3/8 (in)
Gun Type * 2' Pole Gun
Standard Air Hose ID* 3/4 (in) x 50

*Maximum hose length is dependent on material viscosity.
*Included with complete unit.

2' Mastic (Texture) Polegun with 3/16 (in) Nozzle 701-302
2' Mastic (Texture) Polegun with 1/4 (in) Nozzle 701-402
2' Mastic (Texture) Polegun with 3/8 (in) Nozzle 701-802
Hoses and Kits
3/4 (in) x 50' Fluid Hose; 1800 PSI 450-034
1/2 (in) x 50' Air Hose 550-112
Call for price. TIA701-302
Call for price. TIA701-402
Call for price. TIA701-802
Call for price. TIA450-034
Call for price. TIA550-112
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