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Winco PSS21-3 Liquid-Cooled Packaged Sta

Owner's Manual

The Winco PSS21 is an 1800 RPM standby generator. With a new housing design, this generator is our cleanest design to date. We have substantially reduced the number of exposed bolts, added large removable panels for ease of maintenance and quick release oil and coolant fluid check plates are among the improved features of this design. Contact a sales representative for additional information.

This generator comes standard with selectable fuel and is available in 120/240 1-PH, 120/208 3-PH, 120/240 3-PH, and 277/480 3-PH.

The 4 cylinder, overhead valve GM 3.0L engine meets EPA/Carb Emission Regulations for LSI Engines. All engine functions are controlled by an engine mounted ECM. The engine features include an electronic ignition, engine blockheater and vapor fuel system. A critical grade muffler is installed to reduce engine noise levels. Battery rack, cables, and battery tender (charger) are factory installed. A BCI Group 24 650 CCA battery must be purchased separately. Engine cooling is provided by a unit mount radiator. The engine is equipped with a belt driven pusher type fan.

The generator is a single bearing rotating field generator mounted to the engine flywheel via dual flex drive discs. Three phase generators have 12 lead broad range reconnectable stators; single phase generators are 4 lead. An external voltage regulator maintains proper voltage output, accurate to +/- 1%. The engine generator combination has the ability to start and operate motors up to 8 hp Code G. Mainline circuit breaker included for generator protection.
OPTIONAL Excitation Boost System available.

MODEL NUMBER PSS21-3 PSS21-4 PSS21-17 PSS21-18
STANDBY RATING POWER OUTPUT (60HZ) 120/240V, 1-Phase, 1.0 p.f. 120/208V, 3-Phase, .8 p.f. 120/240V, 3-Phase, .8 p.f. 277/480V, 3-Phase, .8 p.f.
KW (L.P. GAS) 21.0 22.0 22.0 25.0
KVA (L.P. GAS) 21.0 27.5 27.5 31.2
AMPS (L.P. GAS) 88.0 76.4 66.2 37.6
CB AMPS (L.P. GAS) 90 75 75 35
KW (NATURAL GAS) 21.0 22.0 22.0 25.0
KVA (NATURAL GAS) 21.0 27.5 27.5 31.2
AMPS (NATURAL GAS) 88.0 76.4 66.2 37.6
CB AMPS (NATURAL GAS) 90 75 75 35
Derating Factors: Temperature - No derate up to 122 degrees F; Elevation - 3.5% per 1,000 feet elevation above 6,500 feet

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