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ChemGrout CG-550B Grout Pump

well grouter, seal abondoned wells, well plugging, sealing monitor wells, seal casing annulus, mixing bentonite slurry, and polymer bentonite

Model CG-550B

ChemGrout CG-550B

 The ChemGrout CG-550B bentonite well grouter series includes both skid and trailer mounted units.  A large 45-gallon (170 liters) baffled mix tank is equipped with an efficient paddle mixer that blends bentonite and polymer/bentonites quickly and completely.  These units feature a Bowie gear pump that gently pumps the polymer bentonites, allowing the critical time needed to place the material within the cavity.  The Bowie pump is also used to pump the water into the mix tank, an automatic check valve design simplifies operations and ensures reliable batch making.

The standard self-contained models are powered by a 8 HP gasoline engine, optional 11 HP engine available.  The pump and mixer are driven by dependable and powerful hydraulic motors.  Models are also designed for external power sources (air & hydraulic) to meet your needs.

Applications include: 

well grouting, seal casing annulus, seal casing in monitor wells, sealing abandoned wells and void filling.

Model Progressive Cavity Pump Model  Mixing Tank Max Output Max Pressure
CG550/B Bowie Gear-Rubber Gears *
45 gallon
25 GPM
150 PSI
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There are no listed accessories.