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Baileigh WP 1800 Weld Positioner


Welding Positioner WP-1800 RMD Welding Positioners are the best welding machines on the market. RMD welding equipment includes tubing benders, pipe benders, notchers, and pipe welding positioners.
RMD welding positioners has an ergonomically
designed cart has users comfort in mind.




Welding Positioner WP-1800 2-1/2" through hole for long pieces.

2-1/2" through hole for long pieces.
Welding Positioner WP-1800 Infinitely (0-90 degree positioned via hand wheel)

Infinitely (0-90 degree positioned via hand wheel)

Welding Positioner WP-1800

Made in United States

Ever wish you had a third or even fourth hand when trying to weld something?  Or possible having to weld around a pipe only to have the cable wrapped around the project because instead of the material spinning you went around the material?  If you answered yes, then you need a welding positioner like the WP-1800 from Baileigh Industrial.

The WP-1800 is a must for precision welding of round tubing, pipe, or solids.  Unlike other positioners on the market, the WP-1800 was designed with user comfort in mind.  The rotational chuck is mounted on a portable cart and places the work piece at perfect sitting height to relieve stress and fatigue.

The chuck operates of 110 volts of power and is variable speed.  Speed can be adjusted from 0 to 6 rpm with the use of the foot pedal or possibly be locked in at a set speed from the control panel.  The WP-1800 is also a self contained welding positioner that can be taken to a job site with no external grounding necessary.  Just put your ground clamp on the ground peg, plug in the machine to power source and turn it on. Variable speed DC drive with foot pedal control offers hands free operation while welding, grinding, or brazing. Speed is 0-6 RPM

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Speed 0 - 6 rpm (Variable)
Thru Hole OD 2-3/8 inch
Chuck Capacity 1/4 inch OD/10-3/4 inch ID
Chuck Size Three Jaw 8 inch
Maximum Current 300 Amps
Drive Automatic / Manual
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 350 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 60 x 44 x 68 inch


Welding Equipment Options

  • 12" turntable adapter plate
  • 16" turntable adapter plate
WP-1800 WC
Mfg. item #: WP-1800 WC
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