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Hilman Rollers

Hilman Rollers
Manufacturers of Hilman Rollers since 1953 

For moving from 1 to 200 tons on hard level floor surfaces without a track. Choose from complete self-contained moving kits or individual Rollers with swivel, swivel-locking, or rigid tops or attachments. Steel chain Rollers are available for regular floors, nylon chain Rollers for delicate floors requiring protection. Steering handles and other accessories and many modifications are also available. When the load exceeds 100 tons, consider using a steel track instead of a concrete surface.

light duty series KITS, SETS and Individual Rollers

Light Duty Series Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets.
3 - 8 Ton Capacities

FT Series KITS, SETS and Individual Rollers
FT Series Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets
15 - 200 Ton Capacities

nyton series KITS, SETS and Individual Rollers
Nyton Series Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets
Non- Marring
2 - 40 Ton Capacities

ers series KITS, SETS and Individual Rollers

ERS Series Deluxe Riggers Kits and Riggers Sets
15 - 400 Ton Capacities

Bull Dolly KITS, SETS and Individual Rollers
The Bull Dolly Series is the newest design from Hilman
4 -24 Ton Capacities
(Nylon, Poly and Steel)

Tri-Glide System
3-Point Load Moving Systems

Hilman Toe Jacks
Perfect Compliment to Hilman Rollers



Individual Rollers
Wide Body (WB Series)
Super Heavy Duty (SHD Series)
ERF Series
Roller Accessories

Hilman Omni-skate rotating dollies

3, 6, 8, and 10 ton
360 degree rotation dollies

A Roller For Every Move

A Roller For Every Move

Hilman Rollers are low profile, high capacity moving devices that can be used to move a multitude of things.  Ranging in size from small machinery to entire bridges, buildings and offshore oil rigs; Hilman Rollers have moved some of the largest objects in the world.  Used as a temporary means for moving a heavy structure, repetitively in assembly line applications or as a permanent installation on board an oil-rig; Hilman Rollers are known throughout the world for their durability.  All Hilman Rollers utilize the endless chain principle; which features a chain of steel rolls capable of rotating about a central load-bearing, steel plate.  The result is a product that performs as a low friction, high capacity conveyor.  Often referred to as Rollers, Dollies, Skates, Machinery Movers and Turtles; Hilman has become a brand name when referring to this type of equipment.  All Hilman Rollers are rated in metric tons and carry a safety factor of at least 2-to-1.

Since 1953, the Hill family has maintained the highest standards of quality that has made Hilman Incorporated the world’s leading manufacturer of high capacity rollers.  These days we are known for more than just our rollers.  We can include drive systems, integrated hydraulics, steel fabrications and steel tracks.

This website was designed to be the ultimate resource to our many customers who own Hilman Rollers and to those who are interested in learning more about them.  You can use it to compare features of same or similar capacity rollers, to size rollers for a particular application you have in mind, to identify rollers that you may own or have in your employ; or to learn more about how and where they can be used.

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