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Custom Welded Bandsaws

We have made bandsaw blades for almost 100 years
Please call 1 (800) 458-3687 ex 1 for pricing and more information, minimum order of 3 blades required

Listed below are the types of bandsaw styles and grades that are available on this site.
Please contact us for prices on carbide grit, diamond grit or bandsaw blades 3 to 12 inches wide.

  • EN- flexback
    • widely used for most materials. Also the least expensive.
  • EP- hardback
    • USE EN - Flexback 
  • ES- bimetal
    • Extra hard high speed steel is electron beam welded to the cutting edge.
      Several times more expensive than flexback but able to cut harder materials
      and has a longer life. Available in a variety of fixed tooth pitches or with
      variable tooth spacing to minimize the vibration associated with cutting
      structural shapes.
  • EQ- M42 bimetal
    • A step above standard bimetal. Same technology as bimetal but the
      high speed steel has trace alloys that add to the durability. Used for the most
      difficult materials.
  • ER- specialty bands
    • Knife edge, "V" tooth, wavy edge or scallop edge. Used for materials such
      as foam, plastics, rubber and paper.
  • ET- butcher
    • Used in food processing. Polished finish with no oils or other coatings to
      contaminate food.
  • band mill
    • Used for portable saw mills.
  • friction
    • Unique method of cutting steel. Requires special machines with 18,000 SFPM
      or more. The primary function of the teeth is to feed air [oxygen] into the
      cut to feed the melting process. Since the heat is removed by the sparks it is
      a surprisingly cool cut.
  • furniture
    • Heavy duty and aggressive blades used for fast processing of wood.


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