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Davit Cranes


Thern DavitCranes Work Harder In More Places.

When it comes to equipment for heavy-duty lifting and positioning, Thern has the experience you are looking for. Large or small, heavy or light, Thern has designed and manufactured standard and custom cranes and winches for countless customer applications around the world.


No one knows cranes like Thern. We build our stationary davit cranes, portable davit cranes and floor cranes to exacting specifications to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

Our standard cranes are available in multiple styles and sizes to raise and lower loads up to 3,000 lbs. We also offer a variety of finish, base and winch options to meet the needs of your specific application.

Large or small, heavy or light, Thern has designed and manufactured standard and custom cranes for countless hoisting applications in industries around the world.

Elevate your expectations. Choose a crane that’s built to last lift after lift, Call Us @ 1-800-458-3687 and start building your crane today.

Portable Cranes

Capacity 0 to   > > 850 lbs 500 lbs 1000 lbs 1000 lbs 2000 lbs
Max Lift 79 ft 95 ft 65 ft up to 240 ft up to 350 ft
Series First Mate Ensign Ensign Commander Commander
Model 5PF5 5PA5 5PA10 5PT10 5PT20

Stationary Cranes

Capacity 0 to   > > 1500 lbs 2200 lbs 3000 lbs  StaCranes-571M2-100
Max Lift up to 240 ft up to 350 ft up to 378 ft
Series Captain Captain Admiral
Model 571 572 5PT30


Thern Portable David Cranes

How to build the Portable David Crane to meet your needs ?

1. What capacity do I need (How much weight am I going to lift) ?
2. How do I want to lift that load (Hand winch or power winch) ?
3. What Finish is required (Is this for Marine or perhaps a Corrosive environment) ?
4. How do I want to mount this (Wall or Flush Mount)
5. How much wire rope do I need (How high am I lifting the material) ?

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