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StillClean is a revolutionary new machine that dramatically improves the parts cleaning world while saving you money.

The StillClean is an onsite distillation unit that will recycle your parts washer solvent for continuous use.

It is an actual distillation unit, as opposed to a filtration unit, that can be directly connected to your parts cleaner.

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Solvent - Parts Washers that use a petroleum-based cleaning solution

  • Bench Top - Economical solvent cleaner for professional or home shop use in a convenient, portable size.
  • Drum Mount - Sink on a drum recirculating solvent parts washers. Available with optional 16 or 30 gallon drums.
  • Free Standing - Solvent recirculating free standing parts washer with operating fluid capacity ranges from 5 - 10 gallons up to 50 - 117 gallons capacities. Ideal for cleaning larger parts. Can also be used as soak tanks.
  • Total Immerson - Unlike spray cabinet type cleaners that employ spray nozzles, total immersion cleaners bring cleaning action to every external and internal surface - even blind holes.
300A, 500A, 800A, 900A & 902A

Clean-O-Matic three way cleaning parts washers
Maintenance and Repair Shop Standard

Solvent / Aqueous Parts Washers

  • Turbo Action Solvent / Aqueous Parts Washers - the perfect solution for hands-off, immersion cleaning required for challenging parts cleaning applications. Turbo-Action total immersion parts cleaners convert the jet stream from Graymills Superflo™ pumps into powerful, hands-off fluid action that gets parts cleaner, faster without manual handling or scrubbing.
  • TR-Series and L-Series Liftkleen Solvent / Aqueous Parts Washers - Unlike standard spray cabinet washers, immersion cleaning exposes all surfaces of the part, including blind holes and small crevices, to the cleaning solution. By combining hands-off, total immersion cleaning, easy part load/unload, vertical lift platform agitation and optional Graymills Superflo™ pump jet action, the Liftkleen™ offers the most intensive, efficient immersion cleaning system available. Complex parts, stacked or nested parts are no problem.


Heated and
Non-Heated Models
total immersion parts washer Turbo T24/36

Five Tank Sizes - 10,000 GPH
Largest "turbo Series" up to 262 gallon
Heated & Non-Heated

Aqueous - Parts Washers that use a water-based cleaning solution

  • Drum Mount - Heated drum-mount aqueous parts washers available in 16 gallon size with stainless steel sink or 30 gallon size made of non-corrosive industrial strength thick walled thermoplastic. Recirculate heated aqueous cleaning solution through 300 GPH pump.
  • Free Standing - Rugged thermoplastic parts washer mounted on a sturdy 4 leg base, recirculates heated aqueous cleaning solution. Has a large sink with 10" depth that can be used to soak parts.
  • Immersion - Unlike spray cabinet type cleaners that employ spray nozzles, total immersion cleaners bring cleaning action to every external and internal surface - even blind holes.
  • High Pressure Spray Cabinet - Not grit blasters. Clean parts fast with pin point accuracy using filtered, heated aqueous cleaning detergent combined with 600 PSI of cleaning power.

Ultrasonic - Parts Washers use ultrasonic energy in an immersion cleaning tank

Ultrasonic parts washers use ultrasonic energy in an immersion cleaning tank to assist in the removal of tenacious or stubborn soils from parts

  • Bench Top - The stainless steel, corrosion-resistant tanks come in three sizes, and the thermostatically controlled tank heaters maintain a temperature optimized for cleaning. Because the ultrasonic generator is an integral part of the cabinet housing, their small footprint makes these units ideal for job site "cell" cleaning applications where space is critical.
  • Sonic LiftKleen - Economical but powerful ultrasonic cleaning system

Bioremediating - Parts Pashers use a Super Biotene cleaning solution

  • Bioremediating parts washers use a Super Biotene cleaning solution to clean the parts while an active microbial agent cleans the fluid
  • These environmentally friendly parts washers recirculate heated pH neutral cleaning solution through a flow-thru brush or stay-put nozzle.
  • They use hydro-carbon converting microbes and filters to reduce solid waste, virtually eliminating the need for fluid disposal.
Filteration - Filteration Systems for Select Graymills Part Washer Models
  • Oil Serarator - Graymills Oil Separator (OSEP) removes tramp oil from aqueous cleaning solutions.
  • Turbo-Boost - The Turbo-Boost System dual-filters aqueous parts cleaning solution.
  • Solvent Filteration - Solvent Saver Filters extend the life of solvent cleaning solutions by filtering out oil and grease that accumulates in the solvent cleaning solution. Fits all brands of regular drum mount and free standing parts washers. Easy installation, rubber hose with universal adapter fits over end of flexible stay-put nozzle.


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