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ICS Diamond Concrete Chain Saws

Pneumatic and Gasoline Powered ICS Saw Packages

the new ics 701A Pneumatic Powered 15 or 20 inch bar Chain Saw
Designed to cut through walls, floors, pipe and columns in a single pass

ICS 695xl Heavy Duty Concrete Gas Saw 14" or 16" Bar & Chain

Need Just A Little Bit More!



ICS 695XL-F4 PRO Concrete Gas Saw 14" & 16" Bar & Chain
The Only Gas Saw with the Heavy Duty ProForce Diamond Chain. Also Available in PowerGrit!

ICS Hydraulic Concrete Chainsaw Packages

Utility Pipe Saws
Electric Power Cutter


The New - ICS 890F4 Diamond Concrete Chain Saw

15" & 25" Bar / Chain
Professional Concrete Cutters
Hydraulic Saw
For Every Day  Heavy Duty Use!

The new - ICS 890F4-FL "FLUSH" Cut Diamond Chain Saw

15" & 25" Bar / Chain
Professional Concrete

Diamond Hydraulic Saw


Utility PowerGit Ductile
Pipe Diamond Chain Saws
Gas & Hydraulic

536-E Electric Power Cutter
Oregon 536-E AC Power Cutter brings the performance you have come to expect with the convenience of 220V AC power

ICS Diamond Chain Saw Accessories

Saw Chart

Starting Your Saw PDF  Starting Your Saw
Chain Tensioning PDF  Chain Tensioning
Cutting Tips PDF  Cutting Tips
Daily Maintenance PDF  Daily Maintenance
Field Troubleshooting PDF  Field Troubleshooting
Chain Life PDF  Chain Life

DownLoad PDF for Additional Information


Chain life is sometimes measured in inch-feet and can vary widely depending on the type of chain employed and the many variables related to the job. Depending on the type you select, the right Oregon® diamond chain used under optimum conditions by a trained operator should deliver the performance shown in the charts below.

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