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American Rotary Phase Converters


All our rotary phase converters include

  • CNC precision voltage balancing (+/-5% from phase to phase
  • Built In Motor Starter
  • Power Guard Protection
  • Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • Emergency Stop
  • Power ON indicator lamp switch
  • Removable back plate for easy installation
  • Double bus bar connections (shielded)
  • USA Made
  • Custom made idler motor by Baldor Electric
  • Soft Starting
  • Custom Windings for Phase Conversion
  • Shielded Bearing
  • Top Mount Conduit Boxes
  • ISR Magnetic Windings
  • Quiet Operation
  • USA Made
GENTEC/American Rotary "the company"
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • 5 Year / Lifetime Warranty
  • All Sizes in Stock

What Size Phase Converter Do I Need

Standard Features:  Built-in Soft Start, 24/7 technical support, CNC grade output, Expandable hp range, Baldor/GENTEC idler, Latching switch, Industry's Best Warranty, build-in magnetic starter 
Always go at least one size up from your machine.
Double the spindle hp for CNC applications.
1.5 time for medium and 2 time for hard starting.
Up size for European and old motors (pre T-frames).

Typical Applications:  Lathe, Mill, CNC Machine, Saw, Pump, Grinder, Welder, Drill Press, AirCompressor, Wire EDM Dough Mixer, Ice Cream Machine, Oven, Battery Charger, Walk-in Freezer, Air Conditioner, Hoist, Conveyor, Lift, etc...
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