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Wood Turning Lathes

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Easy Wood Tools Lathe Accessories - Made in the USA!

The Best Wood Turning Tool on the Market

  • No Sharpening! - No need to spend time sharpening with replaceable carbide cutters. Just rotate cutter when one side gets dull and when you've used all the sides, just replace with a new cutter.
  • Reduced kick-back and catches - Due to the neutral cutting angles, the tool is easy to use.
  • Reduce Fatigue - Pressure goes into the tool rest so your body doesn't get tired as quickly which equals more turning time.
  • No bevels to learn - Our tools are held flat on the rest and parallel to the floor. Cut left, right or straight in within minutes of picking up the tool.

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Nova Woodworking Chucks
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Nova WoodWorking Chucks - When Only the Best Will Do

We’ve been making Woodturning equipment for over 27 years, and were the first company to introduce one of the biggest innovations for woodturners; the 4 jaw self centering chuck, with the NOVA chuck back in 1988. This chuck revolutionised how work was held in Woodturning. We were recently recognised with an Award from WOOD magazine for being one of the Ton 25 Innovations in Woodworking over the past 25 years. We continue this proud tradition of innovation, quality and best value in modern NOVA chucks today.

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powermatic MODEL 3520B 20" X 42" PRO Wood Lathe
Our Most Popular Lathe!
Free NOVA Lathe Chuck

Easy Wood Tools Lathe Accessories

Lathe Tools, and Chucks

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