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Baileigh Bend Tech - Tube and Pipe Bendi

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Baileigh Industrial now offers two versions of its popular Bend Tech® tube and pipe bending layout software, Bent Tech-Pro® and Bend-Tech SE®.  This tube bending software helps the fabricator design profitable pipe and tubing designs, saving set up costs (material waste) on any brand of bender, but is esspecialy helpful when using our RDB line of benders.  This layout software can be learned in minutes and will save the any shop that has to bend tube and pipe tons of money in material savings.

Another nice feature of Bend-Tech is its tube notching templates.  Bend-Tech creates cutting wrappers for your notching.  The wrappers are created from your assembly design, using your printer, showing the fishmouthing profile and calibration lines for linear and rotational placement around the tube allowing for precise notches every time.

Above, you can click on view a demo of the tube bending software and see in minutes how beneficial this software is for any brand of tube benders.

Some of the features of the Bend-Tech line are as follows:

  • Easy Design Input
  • Pick Points for Dimensional Placement
  • Parametric Style Interface
  • CLR or Inside Radius (adjustable for each bend)
  • Bend Allowance and K-factor available Rotate Sections to Create a True 3D Part
  • Material Data Base
  • Parts are Placed in a Data Base for Future Retrieval
  • Graphical Part Recall
  • Help Functions are Fully Video Scripted (Learn BEND-TECH in 30 Minutes)
  • 3D Shaded Model can be Rotated Dynamically
  • Create prints of the Dimensional Model, Shaded Model, Flat Layout and Title Block/li>
  • Flat Development for Cut Length and Bending Locations
  • Dimension; Start of Bend, End of Bend and Center of Bend, from either Direction.
  • Dimension with Decimals or Fractions
  • Flat Includes Bending Data, such as, Bend Angles, CLR or Inside Radius, Rotation Angle, and Bend Order
  • Preferences; Colors, Text Sizes and Arrow Sizes are Saved in User Definable Databases
  • Our tube bending software (program) helps the fabricator layout (design) profitable pipe and tubing designs saving set up costs (material waste) on any brand of pipe bender.

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