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Baileigh VM-1054 Vertical Milling Machin

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Baileighs VM-1054 vertical milling machine is a great sized mill with a 10 inch by 54 inch table allowing for ample work pieces to be milled to very tight tolerances.  Baileigh prides itself regarding the quality construction of our vertical mills.

We start with a heavy Meehanite casting that offers a very rigid base and strong extension head. For further rigidity we incorporate boxed ways on the Y and Z axis.  The XYZ powered feeds use ball screws to transfer the power positively with no vibration during the transfer.  All the ways are treated with Turcite B to extend the life and accuracy of the machine.  Standard are way skirts to assist keeping chips from scratching the ways, again to increase accuracy and extend way life.

The heart of Baileigh vertical milling machines is the power source to the main spindle.  The ensure rigidity we have as standard a Yasakawa inverter drive that has variable speeds with high torque across the spectrum.  The transfer is made from the motor to the spindle drive by a heavy HTDT belt which virtually eliminates any possibility of vibration or chatter as the machine ages, compared to gear transmission style or pulley style drives.  The drive spindle which is one of the most important parts of the machine is a heavy NST 40 style spindle.  Again we think the transfer of power to the cutter is very important to have great tolerances while increasing the life of the tooling.

From a positioning standpoint our XandY axis uses a very accurate (1/10 of 1 thousandth of an inch) Mitutoya├é┬« digital read out.  Central lubrication is standard to increase the life of the machine.  The NST 40 spindle has an air drop bar system for quick insertion and unloading of tooling.  All of the quality standard features listed above are factory installed properly the first time.

Model VM-1054
Table Size (L/W)
54 in / 10 in
Table Load Capacity
550 lbs
T-slot Size
3 at .625 in
Travel - Manual X-axis
35.43 in
Travel - Manual Y-axis
15.75 in
Travel - Manual Z-axis
16 in
Travel - Auto X-axis
32.25 in
Travel - Auto Y-axis
15.75 in
Travel - Auto Z-axis
16 in
Spindle Taper
NST #40
Spindle Speed
80 - 3800 rpm
Spindle Feed Per Rev.
.0015 in / .003 in / .005 in
Spindle Diameter
3.93 in
Spindle Head Swivel
45 deg. (R&L / F&R)
Spindle Travel
5 in
Spindle Nose to Table (min/max)
1.57 in / 17.55 in
Spindle Center to Column (min/max)
7.87 in / 26.77 in
Cross Travel of Ram
18.89 in
Horizontal Rotation
360 deg.
Motor Spindle
3 hp
Motor Coolant Pump
1/8 hp
Power Requirement
220v / 3 phase
Shipping Dimensions
60 in / 60 in / 87 in
Shipping Weight
3000 lbs
There are no listed accessories.

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