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Baileigh HPB-78NC Horizontal Bending Pre

The HPB-78NC horizontal press brake is one of the most useful machines in any fabrication shop.  There are thousands of applications where this style of bending press could be used.  It is the perfect complement to any shop that currently has a press brake and is working with smaller items.  The big advantage is when a part is being bent it's lying on its side on the bending plate, so it's completely square or true when completed.  This advantage alone can save tons of time and money compared to set up on a conventional brake press for smaller parts that have to be bent perpendicular to the beam.

This press bender comes with 78 tons of raw power offering a great range of sizes, materials, and thicknesses that it can bend.  It has an easy to use NC (numeric control) controller that allows for manual bends or can be run in the program mode that stores up to 99 programs with up to 10 bends each.  This model comes standard with single-vee tooling that can accept material up to 11.81 inches high.  Like all Baileigh bending presses, this one is designed ruggedly, as can be seen (click on the picture above to enlarge the picture) by the massive (5” thick) bending plate that houses the hydraulics and lower frame works.

Pressure 76 Tons
Stroke Length 13.78"
Stroke Accuracy +/- .002"
Approach Speed 1.69"/Sec
Working Speed .43"/Sec
Return Speed .55"/Sec
Fixture Holes 1 @ 4.646" Dia 3 @ 3.268" Dia
Punch Height 11.81"
Max Bending Capacity 11.81" (.472")
Table Height 37.4"
Motor 7.5HP
Power Requirement 220V/3 Phase
Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H) 81"/38"/61"
Shipping Weight 4580 lbs

The HPB-78 horizontal press brake can be tooled to bend flat bar, angle, round pipe, and can even be used for straightening material.  This machine can be tooled with custom tooling as well.  This press bender comes standard with rugged tooling shelves, hydraulic regulators with pressure dial, one set of single-vee tooling, and a material back gauge.

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