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Baileigh HPB-45NC Horizontal Bending Pre

The horizontal bending press is probably one of the best kept secrets in the metal fabrication world in Europe, as every shop has one of these highly profitable machines.  If you currently do or plan on doing any press bending then this machine is a must have.

The HPB-45NC horizontal press brake comes standard with a NC controller that can handle up to 99 programs with up to 10 bends per program.  The operator can also put the machine in a manual mode for one off projects and set up as well.  Bends are actuated by foot pedal control so the operator’s hands are free to assist with the material.

This metal bending press is made up of a massive steel plate framework that houses industrial grade hydraulics inside the machine with a huge press station above.  The hydraulics has a regulator and pressure dial so adjustments can be made on a per job basis.  A solid set of tooling shelves is included so tooling doesn’t have to wander throughout a facility as it typically does.

The first thing you’re going to think when you see this horizontal bending press in person is how well designed and constructed it truly is.  If anyone is bending up smaller items or narrow items on a brake press then this is the machine for them as the parts lie on their side while being bent and remain square after the entire process with no effort.  Their also leaving the larger machine up and running for larger projects.

Pressure 45 Tons
Stroke Length 9.84"
Stroke Accuracy +/- .002"
Approach Speed 1.5"/Sec
Working Speed 2.51"/Sec
Return Speed 0.78"/Sec
Fixture Holes 1 @ 3.268" Dia 3 @ 2.283" Dia
Punch Height 7.875"
Max Bending Capacity 7.875" (.472")
Table Height 36.61"
Motor 5HP
Power Requirement 220V/3 Phase
Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H) 64"/26"/47"
Shipping Weight 2266 lbs

This horizontal press brake comes standard with a set of single-vee tooling (7.8” high) as well as a solid manual back gauge.  This machine can also be tooled for bending other profiles, such as pipe, straightening beams, etc.

There are no listed accessories.
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