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CST ILM-XTG Interior Hi-Powered Self-Lev

Interior "Hi-Powered" Green Beam Laser Cross Level, Self-Leveling

The ILMXT is the ideal laser line layout tool for interior applications. Highly visible green laser beam with easy-to-use operation features horizontal (level) and vertical (plumb) for interior jobs, as well as laser cross and manual mode for interior applications.


  • Extra bright green beam laser diodes for extend range over 100 feet
  • Robust over-molded housing and impact resistance angle window for extended vertical plumb line and durability.
  • Heavy Duty Gimbal magnetically dampened compensator eliminates error by quickly self-leveling the laser
  • Out-of-leveling range sensor triggers the beams to automatically shut off when the unit is moved out of its ±5° self-leveling range.

Use for: cabinets and shelving, drop ceilings, wainscoting and paneling, remodeling projects, wall hangings: machinery, pipe and conduit, floor and wall tiles, interior decoration.

Standard Package

Includes: Magnetic Laser Tripod, Rechargeable Batteries/Charger Pack, Case

Laser Diode: (2) Two- 532nm
Accuracy-Up Plumb, Level: ±3/32" @ 30' (2.5mm @ 9m)
Range: Up to 100' (30m) depending on illumination
Leveling Type: Gimbal, ball bearing hung compensator magnetically dampened
Environment: Water and dust proof, IP54
Power: Three (3) NiMH Rechargeable "AA" batteries (included)
Warranty: 1 yr.
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