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Curb Roller Benefits

Curb Roller Benefits

General Description and Summary

The Curb Roller is a pipe with the curb shape on one end that spins in the opposite direction it is pulled. It is powered by a motor through hydraulic lines and when pulled over the surface between guide rails containing the concrete, the roller screeds off the surplus concrete and evens the surface. The continuous rotation compacts the concrete yet brings "fat" up to the surface to facilitate the finishing operation.

One person usually controls the Curb Roller from the offset adjustment on the handle. However, two people can operate it with the handle in the 90 degree position.

The Roller Screed can be used on curb and gutter up to 30" wide. It can be operated on forms as light as ½" masonite or metal forms 2 ½" wide. A combination of form thickness can be used because the Curb Roller guide runs on the inside of the forms. The only forming requirement is that metal or wood stakes holding the forms in place must be at or below the form height so that the Curb Roller can run on top of the forms without obstruction.

The Curb Roller is not designed to replace curb & gutter slip form machines. These large machines work best on large developments and streets. However, the Curb Roller can be used to complement the large machines by being utilized with the same curb pattern and doing the hard to reach places and tight radius curbs. If you own a large machine, a Curb Roller is a "must have" in some situations.

Most people power the hydraulics of the Curb Roller from their skid loader. Any hydraulic power source is acceptable, including excavators, wheel loaders, power packs, or backhoes.

Following is a comparison of the Curb Roller with other methods of concrete forming:

Curb Forms

  • Curb forms require critical timing to strip the forms and finish the face. The contractor is limited to the amount of curb that can be poured and requires a great deal of labor.
  • Curb forms are expensive and require a lot of labor to install, strip, & clean.
  • Curb forms still require extensive touchups on radius pours. The more you work with touchups the better the chance for wavy radius curbs.
  • Curb forms take a lot of storage space.

Curb Roller

  • One finisher can continually touch up and broom the surface. The contractor is not limited to the size of the pour.
  • The Curb Roller costs less than a set of forms and will last a lifetime.
  • The Curb Roller makes perfect radius curbs every time.
  • The Curb Roller is a small compact machine that takes minimal space.

Curb & Gutter Slip Forms

  • Electronics and sensors are a contractor's nightmare.
  • Slip forms are not available for tight situations such as uneven ground, steep inclines, and tight radius curbs.
  • Slip forms require extensive maintenance and repairs.
  • Transporting the slip form machine is a menace.
Curb Roller
  • There are no electronics or sensors to go bad.
  • The Curb Roller can do all of these difficult spaces.
  • The Curb Roller only contains 2 grease zerts.
  • The Curb Roller fits inside the truck bed of any truck for easy transportation.
Hand Held Mule
  • The mule requires two passes.
  • When using the mule, water is sprayed on the surface to make enough "fat."
  • Mules require an experienced operator.
  • After the mule has done its job, hand forming and troweling is still required.
Curb Roller
  • The Curb Roller requires only one pass.
  • Spraying water on top of the concrete is never needed. The Curb Roller works up enough "fat" on a single pass to comfortably finish the surface and broom.
  • ANYONE can run a Curb Roller.
  • Little to no hand forming is needed after the Curb Roller is used
Hand Forming
  • Hand forming requires experienced curb finishers.
  • The quantity of curb that can be poured is limited. Workers often experience fatigue and dehydration.
  • Radius curbs are difficult to hand form.
Curb Roller
  • With the Curb Roller, basic concrete knowledge is the only experience needed to make perfect curbs.
  • The amount of curb that can be poured is not limited by worker fatigue, as the process is simple and much less labor intensive.
  • The Curb Roller loves radius pours. They're perfect every time.

Benefit Summary

  • Fast, precision curbs every time
  • Years of trouble free operation
  • Comes with standard 6" type A curb
  • Can be customized for your curb project
  • Replaceable low maintenance grease type bearings for long life
  • Innovative new idea! Designed by concrete contractors
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost effective and economical to buy and operate
  • Ideal for small or large pours
  • Makes finishing low slump curb mixes an easy task
  • Instant forward, reverse and variable speeds
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