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Denray Denray 3672 Grinding Down Draft T


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Filter media 100% spunbound polyester - flame retardant. Other mdias are available upon request.

  • This model contains four 13" x 26" flame retardant pans built over the filters to protect them from exposure to hot sparks
  • This extends the life of the filters
  • These filters are cleaned by compressed air
  • The contents of an air tank in the machine are released instantly into two filters and pulse dust off of the filters which falls into the drawer below
  • The same procedure is repeated fo the other side
  • This cleaning procedure is automatically done with timers, and can be done manually at any time
Size 48" x 96" x 36" High
Weight 1400 lbs
CFM 4500
Motor 5 HP
Voltage 220- 1PH or 230-460-575-3PH
There are no listed accessories.
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