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GMC Hydraulic Shears

Standard Duty
Hydraulic Shears

Heavy Duty
Hydraulic Shears

GMC Deluxe Hydraulic Shears
Model number HS-0412MD
HS-0410MD HS-0610MD HS-0810MS HS-1014MD HS-1010MD
Mild steel 4 FT x 12 Ga 4 FT x 10 Ga 6 FT x 10 Ga 8 FT x 10 Ga 10 FT x 14 Ga 10 FT x 10 Ga
Stainless steel 4 FT x 16 Ga 4 FT x 14Ga 6 FT x 14 Ga 8 FT x 14 Ga 10 FT x 18 Ga 10 FT x 14 Ga
Model Number HS-0410M HS-0410E HS-0425M HS-0425E HS-0625M HS-0625E HS-0808M HS-0808E
Mild steel 4ft x 10 Ga 4ft x 1/4in 6ft X 1/4in 8ft X 8 Ga
Stainless steel 4ft x 14 Ga 4ft x 10Ga 6ft X 10 Ga 8ft x 12 Ga


Made in Taiwan
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