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General Equipment 130C Cut-R-Tach


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CUT-R-TACH  slashes expensive man hours off asphalt cutting projects by cutting faster and easier than pavement breakers and saws. Produces smooth sided cuts up to 5-1/2 inches deep at rates up to 6000 feet per hour through high density asphaltic materials. Ideal for road patching, scoring and edging jobs, pipeline, street, water and sewer projects.

CUT-R-TACH quickly attaches to most backhoes, tractor/wheel loaders, road graders, dozers and other construction machinery to maximize your existing equipment's utility and versatility. No special tools, machine modifications or adaptors required.

CUT-R-TACH standard features include unitized, steel plate structures to resist stress related cracking and distortion; special alloy steel cutting blades that are field replaceable without disturbing bearings or seals, and a patented clamping system that keeps a CUT-R-TACH tight on your machine.

CUT-R-TACH gets the job done... and does it more cost-effectively and with less manpower. Put it to work for you!

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Frame Unitized Weeded Steel Plate
Cutting Blade 13 1.2" (343 mm) Diameter Heat Treated Alloy Steel, Field replaceable
Hub Assembly Alloy Steel Axle With Steel Hub Integral to Cutting Blade
Bearings Sleeve Type
Mounting Twin Screw Pivoting Clamp
Cutting Depth5" (127 mm)
Weight 145 lbs (64 kg)
 Clamp to most backhoe dippersticks or tractor/wheel loader buckets up to 2 1/2 cubic yards (1.9m3) capacity. No special tools, modifications or adaptors required. Producing high cutting rates with lighter machinery. Cost effective solution for may cutting projects. Patented, twin screw pivot clamp to keep tight in both forward and reverse cutting directions.
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