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General Equipment 471 Series Dig-R-Tach


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The 471 DIG-R-TACH system can increase the versatility of compact tractor loader backhoes, mini-excavators and small tractors by allowing them to become more practical and productive solutions for many hole digging projects.

The system features a universal mounting bracket that readily conforms to a wide variety of bucket configurations. Mounted quickly and easily in a few minutes by just one person, the 471 DIG-R-TACH requires so special installation tools, bucket drilling or welding of attach brackets. The specially designed clamping arms grip tightly with positive locking force.

The highly effective hydraulic motor features a wheel mount type configuration of greater load capacity than standard motors. The supplemental bearings are designed to absorb damaging thrust and side loads.

The 471 DIG-R-TACH utilizes the same 4400 Series earth augers utilized with the popular General 310/330 Series Hole Diggers. These augers feature time proven, heavy duty construction and Pengo® type boring head configurations. Augers are available from 2 to 24 inch diameter. When used with the 471 DIG-R-TACH, augers produce clean, useable, 4 foot deep holes.

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MODEL  471 Series 12 471 Series 20
Hydraulic Parameters Auxiliary hydraulic system of carrier vehicle (compact tractor loader backhoe, mini-excavator, compact skid loader, etc.) serves as power source. Low-speed. high-torque hydraulic motor transfers torque to separate auger driveshaft though direct-drive connection. Forward and reverse auger direction controlled by auxiliary hydraulic valve control device (4-way, three-position, spring return to neural, cylinder-type spool required).

Auxiliary hydraulic system flow rate in GPM or lit/min determines auger rotational speed in RPM. Auxiliary hydraulic system pressure relief valve setting in PSI or kg/cm2 determines actual digging torque in ft. lbs., or N.m. Improper flow rates and/or pressure relief values may cause component damage and not produce satisfactory digging performance for specific auger diameter and/or soil classification.

System Configuration 5 to 10 GPM (19-38 lit/min) flow range. 8 GPM (30 lit/min) optimum flow rate. 1500-3000 PSI (105-210 kg.cm2) hydraulic system pressure relief valve setting range 7 to 12 GPM (27-46 lit/min) flow range. 11 GPM (42 lit/min) optimum flow rate. 1500-3000 PSI (105-210 kg/cm2) hydraulic system pressure relief valve setting range.
Hydraulic System Requirements 281 ft. lbs. (381 N.m.) @ 2000 PSI (140 kg/cm2)

356 ft. lbs. (482 N.m.) @ 2500 PSI (175 kg/cm2)

426 ft. lbs. (578 N.m.) @ 3000 PSI (210 kg/cm2)

456 ft. lbs. (616 N.m.) @ 2000 PSI (140 kg/cm2)

574 ft. lbs. (775 N.m.) @ 2500 PSI (175 kg/cm2)

731 ft. lbs. (987 N.m.) @ 3000 PSI (210 kg/cm2)

Maximum Drilling Torque 89 RPM @ 5 GPM (19 lit/min)

144 RPM @ 8 GPM (30 lit/min)

180 RPM @ 10 GPM (38 lit/min)

73 RPM @ 7 GPM (26 lit/min)

104 RPM @ 10 GPM (38 lit/min)

125 RPM @ 12 GPM (45 lit/min)

Design Auger construction features Pengo® type, cast-steel boring heads, forged-steel teeth and cast-steel screw bits for maximum digging performance and versatility in a wide cross section of soil compositions. Think, cross-sectioned helicoid or sectional type auger fighting delivers strength and wear resistance. Fighting pitch is set to produce cleaner, more useable holes in sandy or granular-type soils. All boring-head wear parts are field replaceable.
Diameters 4" (102 mm) to 24" (610 mm)
Lead Auger and Auger Extension Length A full line of lead augers and continuous-flighted auger extensions designed to extend the digging depth are available in standard 36" (914 mm) effective lengths. A mounted 417 DIG-R-TACH® auger/extension and excavated soil can result in substantial weight. Refer to carrier vehicle life height and operational center of gravity envelope information to determine maximum allowable auger length and/or attachment weight combinations. Improper auger length and/or attachment weight combinations can result in property damage and.or personal injury.
Structure Unitized, welded-steel plate and tube with directional-limit stops
Bearing High-capacity, seal-ball type
Plumb Line Mechanism Double-jointed, universal-joint swivel with full-length sleeved pins
Driveshaft Connection To Auger 1 3/8" (35 mm) hexagon
weight, Less Mounting Frame and Hose Kit 50 lbs. 923 kg) 52 lbs.(24 kg0
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