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Hud-Son Little Joe Manual Mini Processor

Model LJM - Little Joe Manual Mini Processor!

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The HUD-SON Little Joe Manual (LJM) Mini Processoris a processor with splitter included. Like the K-Saw the LJM has a log loader that also functions as deck for holding logs waiting to process. Also it has a lengthy infeed conveyor for long logs. The LJM will accept up to 20 diameter logs and comes standard with a 36" cutting bar. The LJM features a 24 ton splitter that is adjustable up to 25" length blocks. This unique auto cycle system allows you to speed up the process by setting the faster cycle time which translates into more production! The splitter, infeed conveyor, and your chainsaw are all run from one central area for easy operation. The LJM is fully portable with a 2" ball for easy towing and can easily be set up to use with a conveyor to speed up your production or load into a truck.
The HUD-SON Little Joe Manual Mini Processor keeps the handling of the wood and your costs to a minimum!

Engine 8 HP
Type Briggs & Stratton
Min Loading Length 2 Ft.
Log Deck Type Loader / Deck
Log Deck Width 6 Ft.
Log Deck Length 5.5 Ft.
Log Deck Lift Cylinder 2"
In Feed Conveyor Chain Type
Length 11'2"
Clamp Type Hydraulic
Saw Bar (Gauge) 36" x 3/8" x 50
Recommended Saw 440 Stihl + Optional
Max Diameter Log 20"
Splitter Standard
Splitting Force 24 Ton
Cylinder 4" x 24"
Pump - Dual 16 GPM - 2 Stage 1.5
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