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Hud-Son Uniforest 60 E



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  • Windlass appropriate for medium sized as well as larger tractors
  • Connection possibility at two different levels
  • Lower windlass and connection build in serially
  • Large rope drum capacity
  • Closed bearing included - no greasing needed
  • Large distance between the upper windlass and the rope drum ensures equal winding of the wire rope
  • Inserted circular springs and needle bearings contribute to easy steering and unwinding of the wire rope
  • Multilamelar clutch




O Optional
M Mechanical
H Electro-hydraulic
Technical Data Unit  
Type   60 E
Pulling Force kN 60
Mean Wire Rope Velocity m/s 0,6
Length / Diameter
Of The Wire Rope
m/mm 80/14
Serial m/mm 80/12
Recommendable Tractor Power kW 40-66
HP 55-90
A mm 1600
B mm 750
C mm 1640
D mm 2300
Weight Without Wire Rope kg 486
Lower Windlass   S
Connection   S
Steering   M
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