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Hud-Son Woodburning Stoves

Over 25 Years of Designing & Manufacturing
of Wood Burning Stoves
Offering a cleaner, more cost-effective way to heat your home
Hud-Son sells Johnson Outdoor Wood Furnaces, an outdoor wood furnace, which is designed to heat well at a minimal expense. 
Heating capabilties are featured aspects of this economical home or business heater.

Johnson Stoves:

  • Easy to clean!  NO BRUSHES NEEDED!

  • 50-80% Less Smoke Than Competitors

  • Separate Ash Door For Easy Clean-Up - No Grates, Augers, or Ash Pans

  • Fewer Welds Make Our Oval Fire Box 40% Stronger Than Traditional Square Fire Box

  • Extra Large Door Allows Easy Loading For All Wood

  • 100% Airtight Insulation

  • Hook-Ups for Mutiple Buildings

  • Light Above Fire Box for Night Loading

  • Smoke By-Pass For Easy Loading

With over 25 years of designing & Manufacturing Wood Burning Furnaces the Johnson Stove translates technology intelligence, and best available quality into the BEST OUTSIDE WOOD BOILER, bar none.  The round design of our fire-box and water jacket were used in boilers over 100 years ago.  This design provides more strength with less welding and uses 1/4" steel throughout the unit. 

      These wood boilers have a large loading door that easily accommodates large blocks of wood.  The fire box is surrounded by a water jacket which is heated by the fire and then is circulated through your home, garage, or shop to provide the same great heat that you want and expect from wood heat. When your water temperatures drop below the temperature you set for them, dual blowers in our outdoor wood stoves kick on to feed the fire until once again the boiler is in action circulating hot water to and from your home.  This is obviously more efficient than stoves which burn wood and then heat escapes. Please see details below. . . .

What Size Johnson Stove Do I Need

Jr John

  •  Heats up to 2,500 Sq. Ft 

  • Weight: 1,750 Lbs

  • Height: 85"  

  • Width: 60" (Eves)

  • Length: 62" (Door)

  • Door Size:  16"H x 18"W

  • Fire chamber Length: 30" 

  • Fire chamber Diameter:

  • Flue Size: 8"

  • Smoke By-Pass: YES  

  • Combustor & Ash Removal

  • Water Capacity: 85 gals.

Little John 

  •  Heats up to 5,000 Sq. Ft

  •  Weight: 2,250 lbs

  •  Height: 98"

  •  Width: 69" (Eves)

  • Length: 56"

  • Door Size: 25"H x 24"W

  • Fire chamber Length: 36"

  • Fire chamber Diameter: 42"

  • Flue Size: 8"

  • Smoke By-Pass: YES 

  • Combustor & Ash Removal

  • Water Capacity: 175 gals.

Big John

  • Heats up to 10,000 Sq. Ft

  • Weight: 2,800 lbs
  • Height: 98"
  •  Width: 69" (Eves)
  • Length: 76" (Door)
  • Door Size: 25"H x 24"W
  • Fire chamber Length: 56"
  • Fire chamber Diameter: 42"
  • Flue Size: 10"
  • Smoke By-Pass: YES
  • Combustor & Ash Removal
  • Water Capacity: 275 gals.
Why Buy Johnson?
Hud-Son Forest Equipment was not looking to pick up a new line of merchandise, but we were in the market to find a new stove that would heat our shop.  What we found was the JOHNSON OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE.  When we stumbled across this phenomenal stove, we decided to bring this Wisconsin made product to New York.  It has sold so well in New York that we have become the Eastern U.S. Retailer for Johnson Stoves.  Consumers are rushing to buy Johnson stoves for any number of reasons.   Johnson Stoves are safer, cleaner, and more efficient than any other stove on the market.  Johnson Stoves come with a 12 year warranty that tells our customers we stand behind our products!  Call to order your stove today!
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What else do I need to install a Johnson Wood Furnace in my home?
Johnson stoves hook to almost any existing heat system including baseboard water, radiant floor heating, and forced air furnaces.  The accessories needed will vary according to your set-up.  Use your Outdoor Furnace all year long for heat in the winter and summer!  Heat your pool, hot tub, or domestic water without relying on high oil and electric prices.  Please call us at 1-800-765-7297 if you have any questions on accessories.

Item No.

Circulator Pumps
These are required to keep water moving between the stove and the area you are heating.  The pump you need is determined by the length the water is forced to travel.  Most stoves are placed between 50' and 200' from the area to be heated.
J006 6 GPM Circulator Pump
J007 50' Circulator Pump
J009 100' Circulator Pump
J0011 200' Circulator Pump
15-58 Grundfos Super Brute
26-99F Grundfos
JT007C 007 Taco Cartridge
JT009C 009 Taco Cartridge
Unit Heaters:
JA-12 148,000 BTU Unit Heater
JO23 63,000 BTU Unit Heater
J44 148,000 BTU Unit Heater
J4C440 60 CFM Draft Blower
J4C443 100 CFM Draft Blower
J4C446 150 CFM Draft Blower
Piping & Insulation:
It is best to install the piping between your stove and home 18"- 24" below ground.  We highly recommend KITEC piping, an aluminum pipe surrounded by plastic on the interior and exterior of the pipe with a very long life expectancy.  You will need both a return and a supply pipe line and these should be insulated and then encased inside PVC pipe.
J11632 1" Kitec Piping
J11606 1/2" Kitec Piping
J11621 3/4"  Kitec Piping
J11630 1" Kitec Piping 300
I 2 2 1/2" Foam Pipe Insulation
I 6 6" Pre-molded Bi-directional Insulation
J88140 Copper Manifold
Heat Exchangers:
Heat exchangers are for use with forced air systems.  When purchasing heat exchangers, you will want to measure the plennum above your furnace and purchase the corresponding fan size that will fit without going below the current furnace BTU rating.  The manifold will remain exposed.
12X12 12"x 12" - 63,000 BTU
16X18 16"x 18" - 138,000 BTU
18X18 18"x 18" - 148,000 BTU
19X20 19"x 20" - 170,000 BTU
22X22 22"x 22" - 226,000 BTU
Minimally, you will need attachments on either end of your return and supply pipes.  Other hardware needs will vary according to the set up you are going with.
J88120 1" Compression Fitting (Kitec to Black Pipe)
J88128 1" Kitec to Kitec Coupling
J88135 1/2" Sweat Male Adapter
J255-1 Pump Shut-Off Flange
J5004-C1 3-way Temp Valve
2E158B Thermostat
J88210 Cutter Tool
J99247 Universal Beveling Tool
J88141 Mini Ball Valve
1JBVT 1" Ball Valve
Other Accessories:
  Chimney 8" x 8'
  Chimney 10" x 6'
J4X240 Solenoid
HWT Temperature Gauge
J200 Sidearm Spiral
JHW1 Domestic Water Package Tank, Circulating Pump, Tempering Valve
JWW Water to Water Tank (For use with pressurized systems)
WT Water Treatment Solution
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