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Hud-Son Interforst Winches

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Introducing to the USA ... E-Hydraulic Cable Winches!

This new log skidding winch is radio controlled which makes the old rope controlled winches obsolete. No more walking back and forth to your tractor to pull the log in with your farm tractor skid winch It's safer, saves time, eliminates your snags, & there is less tree damage.
These hydraulic log skidding winches will save you thousands and land owners will be happier with less tree damage!

 17,000 LBS.

Interforst log skidding winches fit on to the back of small and large farm tractors. These winches turn your tractor into a versatile log skidder.
With the E-Hydraulic units you have the capability of operating the winch from the log versus from your tractor. The wireless remote feature allows this to happen.

Interforst Cable Winches

Model Pulling Power Req. HP Cable Weight P.T.O. Screen/PTO Shaft
SW3500 7700 lbs 15-40 3/8x230' 435 lbs 540 STD
SW4000 8800 lbs 30-60 7/16x260' 665 lbs 540 STD
SW5000 11,000 lbs 50-80 716x260' 700 lbs 540 STD
SW6000 13,200 lbs 60-100 1/2x320' 1070 lbs 540 STD
SW-E4000 8800 lbs 30-60 7/16x260' 625 lbs 540 STD
SW-E5000 11,000 lbs 50-80 7/16x260' 710 lbs 540 STD
SW-E6000 13,200 lbs 60-100 1/2x320' 1145 lbs 540 STD
SW-E8000 17,600 lbs 80+ 5/8x320' 1275 lbs 540 STD
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