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IMER Masonry 350 Smart Cut


1188975 imer SMART CUT 350 14

This saw comes with a 14" Standard Diamond Blade 

Cutting bricks, blocks, paving stones, or tile is a breeze on the biggest cutting table available on a 14 inch Masonry Saw. The Smart Cut 350 delivers very accurate cuts up to 30 inch in length, and 4-3/4 inch deep. This is one very versatile saw! The all new 2 h.p. motor provides plenty of power. Remember, always check your jobsite voltage and use a 10 gauge cord, you want to be able to take advantage of all that horsepower!


Should your 350 Smart Cut ever come out of alignment it is easy to adjust the cutting head, as it rides inside an alignment collar which can be adjusted left to right and up and down. Sharp, accurate cuts are always delivered pass after pass, year after year


The blade guard is lined with sound absorbing material used in the boat building industry, and this greatly reduces noise from the blade. The blade guard may be removed with justtwo thumb screws changing blades is fast and easy.


The cutting tray rolls back and forth on ceramic nylon rollers with sealed bearings…..this ystem is first class! The cutting action is smooth and consistent, while one roller is mounted under the guide bar to ensure the cutting tray does not jump up and down, or fall off the saw and get left behind at the jobsite!


The new stand folds up and out of the way with a spring loaded assist. Your stand is always rock solid and ready to go! Each 350 Smart Cut arrives with a wheelkit mounted in place and ready to go, moving the 350 Smart around the jobsite is quick n easy.

Miter Cuts

If your work requires you to make 45 degree miter cuts we have an accurate and easy to use Miter Guide. This is an optional accessory available from

Technical Data SMART CUT 350 14 inch
Blade diameter 14 inch
Blade shaft diameter 1 inch
Motor 2HP, 110 Volts / 15 Amps
Max. cutting length (w/plunge cut) 26 inch (30 inch)
Max. cutting depth 4-3/4 inch
Cutting table dimensions 20 x 16 inch
Cutting surface height 33.5 inch
Motor speed 2,850 r.p.m.
Weight (boxed) 175 lbs. (215 lbs.)
Water pan capacity 10 gal.
Water pump flow 3 g.p.m.
Length 47 inch (48 inch)
Height 51 inch (55 inch)
Width 28.5 inch (29 inch)


IMER 350 Short Cut Saw
1188975 Shortcut 350 * * (tilts 45 degree) 14 inch Brick/Block Saw 22 inch cut - tilts to 45 degrees

* *Includes stand and wheel kit

Mfg. item #: 1188975
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