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Lectro Truck - How It Works

The Expensive Way vs. The LECTRO-TRUCK Way

The Expensive Way

The expensive way of moving product up and down stairs, has four men hoisting a water heater up a flight of steps.  They are lifting this water heater relying on the 1-2-3...grunt technique.  Each man is responsible for 150+ pounds of lifting!!The expensive way leads to higher manpower cost, back injuries, (potential personal injury and liability), product and property damage.

The LECTRO-TRUCK way has one man doing the same job as the four men in the previous picture.  He is lifting the water heater using the power and balance of the LECTRO-TRUCK - and - is responsible for lifting no weight!! 
The LECTRO-TRUCK way leads to increased profits in less manpower, fewer injuries (reduced personal injury liability), including reduced product and property damage.


How it Works - Stair Climbing Progression

Step 1 :
Secure your load to the LECTRO-TRUCK.
Place the LECTRO-TRUCK against the bottom step.
Step 2 :
With the push of the wheels up button, move the
wheels straight up, to the top of the next step.
Step 3 :
Tip the LECTRO-TRUCK back and set the wheels on the second step. By raising the wheels you are raising the bottom of the load and the handles up, giving you better leverage.

Climbing Up Notes: When starting from the bottom, level ground, the wheels must be on the second step for load clearance and to properly climb up the steps.
When the wheels reach the second step, raise the bottom of the load up and only one step at a time.
After the wheels have  reached the second step, raising the load two steps at a time in the up direction is not recommended.
Step 4 :
With the wheels set in place on the second step, lean down and back on top of the LECTRO-TRUCK. This will raise the load off the ground, and will also roll the wheels back to the rear of the step. Now power the "load up" button to make the LECTRO-TRUCK lift the load onto the next step.
Step 5 :
After the load is set on the next step, lean the LECTRO-TRUCK slightly forward and power the Wheels Up button so the wheels come up to another step.
Step 6 :
Now that your wheels are on another step, counterbalance the load and power it up to the next step. Keep repeating this procedure
until you have reached the top of the steps.

Climbing Down Notes: When starting from the top level step, the loa must be on the second step for wheel clearance and to properly climb down the steps.
When the load reach the second step, lower the bottom of the wheels down and only one step at a time.
After the wheels have  reached the second step, lowering the load two steps at a time in the down direction is not recommended.

Q) How long does the battery last?

A) The best way to accurately measure the number of steps you can expect is to determine the weight of the item(s) you are going to move.  The length and strength of the charge will be determined by this weight.  On our larger units (all models except the LTA4512E), with a fully-charged battery, you can expect the following performance:
500 lbs. = 300 Steps    1,000 lbs. = 275 Steps 1,500 lbs. = 75 StepsTo ensure optimal battery performance:

  • always keep your battery charged.
  • store and transport the battery in a cool dry place where temperatures are not extreme.

Q) What happens if my battery goes dead during a move?

A) If your battery should go dead in the middle of your move, balance the LECTRO-TRUCK on the steps, and replace the battery or swap the detachable battery pack. (Extra battery packs can be purchased to eliminate this scenario.)

Q) How much weight will the LECTRO-TRUCKlift?

A) The   LECTRO-TRUCKis able to lift the full weight that is listed as capacity.  This is the same whether you are moving across flat surfaces, up or down steps, or onto and off of trucks and trailers.  This is very simply because, we use stronger, more reliable components.  As a reminder, here are the capacities again: 

  • LTA6512E----1,500 Lbs./680kg  
  • LTA5512E----1,200 Lbs./544kg   
  • LTA5012E----1,200 Lbs./544kg        
  • LTA4512E---- 600 Lbs./272kg  
  • 1268E----------1,500 Lbs./680kg  
  • 1260E----------1,500 Lbs./680kg 

Q) Can the LECTRO-TRUCK go off the back of a truck?
A) Yes, the LECTRO-TRUCKcan be used as a powered lift gate.  If your truck bed (or the floor of your trailer) is less than 41", certain LECTRO-TRUCK models will reach.  We always suggest using the Hook Box accessory to properly secure your load in place.  See Video Tab

  • LTA6512E* = 41 in./1041mm 
  • LTA5512E* = 41 in./1041mm 
  • LTA5012E = 33 in./838mm
  • LTA4512E= 33 in./838mm
  • 1268E* = 39 in./991mm
  • 1260E*=39 in./991mm

*Equipped with a hook bar.

Why do my wheels keep rolling towards the front of the step?

A) The wheels on the LECTRO-TRUCK will roll forward for a few different reasons. One reason might be that the step is too deep. When you go to raise the load up to the next step if the wheels are too far back on the step the inner frame will ride on the edge of the step and pull the LECTRO-TRUCK forward. To correct this problem we have wheel brakes that attach to the LECTRO-TRUCK wheels and prevent the wheels from rolling forward.

A second reason why your LECTRO-TRUCK might roll towards the front of the step is because the load you are moving is too short and heavy. The way to correct this problem is by using the Balance Box accessory - or some other means to raise the center of gravity. This will move the weight up on the LECTRO-TRUCK to equally distribute the weight and allow the user to gain a mechanical advantage over the load being moved.  

A third reason your LECTRO-TRUCK wheels will roll towards the front of the step is because the step might be pitched forward. To correct this problem we would suggest installing the wheel brakes.

Q)What if I need to rest in the middle of the flight of steps with a 1500 lb. load on my LECTRO-TRUCK?

A) The LECTRO-TRUCKhas a mast-type frame allows you to adjust the wheels up one or two steps - all while the load is resting safely on its own step.  Once you have obtained a healthy balance on the steps, you can let go of the handles and let the load rest in place.  Other stair climbing hand trucks that do not have the mast-type frame do not allow the user to do this.

Q) Where is the LECTRO-TRUCKmade?
A) The LECTRO-TRUCK is manufactured in Oostburg, WI.

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