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Winco PSS Packaged Standby Systems

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This 8kW air cooled generator comes as LP or natural gas and provides you with single phase 120/240V output. Standard features include the B&S Vanguard industrial engine, sound attenuated housing, durable powder paint finish, and critical grade exhaust system for quiet operation.

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Model PSS12H


One of the more popular models is the PSS12. This unit is an air cooled 12kW generator that can run off of LP or natural gas, provides single phase 120/240V output, and is available in a 2-wire and 4-wire start. Same standard features as the PSS8 but with a 24hp Honda motor.

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Model PSS15


 Another popular model is the PSS15. This air cooled unit is available in single phase 120/240 voltages. This well constructed generator comes with the industrial B&S Vanguard engine and features the same highlights as the PSS8 and PSS12.

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Model PSS25


 Our PSS25 is equipped with a 4-cyl Ford liquid cooled engine that can run off of NG or LP, and can start up to a 10HP motor. This is a 2-wire unit and comes with a mainline circuit breaker as standard equipment. This generator is available in single phase 120/240V, and three phase 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V.


Model  Power Output (60 Hz)

LP Gas

Natural Gas

kW   kVA Amps   kW kVA  Amps
PSS8B  120/240V, 1-Phase, 1.0 p.f 8 8.0 33  7.2 7.2 30
PSS12H 120/240V, 1-Phase, 1.0 p.f. 12 12.0 50 10 10.0  42
PSS15B 120/240V, 1-Phase, 1.0 p.f. 15 15.0 62 12 12.0 52
PSS25 120/240V, 1-Phase, 1.0 p.f. 25  25.0 104 22.5 22.5 94
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