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Winco WPTOS PTO Generators

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This PTO generator provides 11kW/45 amps continuous power and requires 22hp to run. The PTO input speed is 540 and the generator speed is 3600 RPM. This unit is a cost effective way of providing 120/240 volt single phase standby power when commercial power is disrupted, inaccessible or impractical.  It is capable of starting a 6HP code G motor.


The W15PTOS has a new design and is now offering a stronger 12-gauge steel frame for greater durability. This generator is designed with a voltage regulator, to ensure the output remains constant regardless of the load placed upon it, and also offers a frequency meter for easy viewing from the seat of the tractor.




Power Rating

A/C Output Voltage


Generator Speed
Tractor HP Required PTO Input Speed Code G Motor Starting Dimensions Ship Weight
W11PTOS 11 kW 120/240 45 3600 22 540 6 26.5x19x20.2 225
W15PTOS 15 kW 120/240 60 3600 30 540 8 33x19x20.2 255




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