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American Rotary AMP Mobile Series Phase Converter

Tier 3 - 5HP Portable Phase Converter

Images shown as Tier 3.

Quick Sizing Guide
Phase Converter Model 5 10 20
Single motor start max. (HP) 2.5 5 10
Total Combined Loads* Call for Combined Load Sizing
CNC/VFD (HP) 2.5 5 10
Resistive/Oven (amps) 7.5 14 27
Rectified/Welder (amps) 7.5 14 27


AMP, Mobile Series Phase Converter - This AMP unit is part of our Mobile Series phase converter line that is manufactured in the USA by American Rotary and will convert 1 to 3 phase power and provide 100% power for 208-250V equipment.

The AMP unit comes standard with one 3 phase breaker, one 3 phase receptacle, a 6 foot single phase input cord with plug and installed casters for a fully mobile phase converter. These built in features allow this unit to be little to no installation costs!

In addition, this unit comes built with our top of the line Smart Series features to run any and all load types making this unit fully versatile for your needs!


Tier 1: 1 Breaker and 1 Receptacle
Tier 2: 2 Breakers and 2 Receptacles
Tier 3: 3 Breakers and 3 Receptacles


  • 6 ft Single Phase Cord and 50 amp single phase male plug (12 ft amnd 24 ft lenght cord avaliable as a upgrade)
  • 1 Pre installed breaker - breaker size will vary and will be determined at time of purchase (up to two additonal breakers can be installed as a upgrade at time of purchase)
  • 1 Pre installed flush mount femal receptacle (receptacle size will vary and will be determined at purchase, Up to two additional receptacles can be installed as a upgrade at time of purchase)
  • American Rotary /. Baldor Induction Generator (VIT)
  • AMP style enclosure /. housing (patent pending)
  • Zero to low cost installation
  • American Rotary digital microsmart controller
  • Expandable design


Dimensions: (in) 20 L x 18 W x 28 H

Weights: (lbs) 5HP 136, 10HP 178, 20HP 267

We get calls from our customers wondering what the differences are among all the different phase converters on the market. Granted they all do the same basic job of turning your single-phase power into three-phase power, but the quality of the power and the efficiency isn’t always there. With American Rotary’s industry leading designs and technology, you will be producing the cleanest and most balanced three-phase on the market and you will be doing it very efficiently and cost effectively as well.

There are a lot of features that set an American Rotary Phase converter apart from the rest. American Rotary’s team is constantly doing research and development to constantly make sure that our phase converters are providing our customers with the best alternative three phase solution as well as making sure it is compatible with new equipment. We also take feedback from our customers to hear on ways the converter would work better for them. Here are just some ways how American Rotary is on the leading edge of phase converter technology.

VIT Generator- American Rotary worked with Baldor directly to design and engineer a custom soft starting idler generator. This idler features Variable Impendence Technology that uses a 1/3 of the inrush current of a comparable three phase motor of its size. This is a true soft starting feature that will make the phase converter much easier to start on your single-phase utility power. The idlers are also designed to produce a true three phase sine wave providing your equipment with a true three phase signal. By having a true three phase sine wave, this prevents harmonics from being in the line that are caused by distorted sine waves. On top of all this, the VIT Generator will run quieter, cooler, and more efficiently than a phase converter that is using a modified three phase motor as the idler. The custom designed VIT generator will operate at greater than 98 percent efficiency


american-rotary-microsmart MicroSmart Controller- The American Rotary Digital Series (AD, ADX, AMP, AI) all feature our patented Digital MicroSmart Controller. This device monitors and controls the voltages across the three legs of power to ensure that clean balanced power is being produce and provided to your equipment. With the having the MicroSmart Controller, the phase converter will produce a three-phase power signal that is at a 5% or greater voltage balance across the three legs compared to standard utility that is typically around 10% balance. This is an ideal feature to have on your equipment, the cleaner the power is that your equipment is being provided, the more efficiently it will run. The more efficiently it runs, the less stress it is under and will last longer. This is an especially important feature to have when running voltage sensitive equipment such as CNC machines, Welders, Compressors, and other computer controls.
american-rotary-ctr-tech CTR Technology- Featured on the ADX and AI series phase converter the CTR Coil allows higher currents to flow through the phase converter which will produce more torque and still maintain your current and voltage balance. This is an important feature to have when starting high torque or high inertia loads that have a hard start. This can be seen on air compressors, vacuum motors, elevators, and hoists just to name a few. With CTR Technology and allowing the more current to flow, this will help shorten the start time of your equipment which in turn puts less strain on your equipment.
american-rotary-expandable Expandable Design- With American Rotary phase converters you have the option to expand if your needs change. As time goes on and our businesses grow so does the number of machines required to run your business. With an American Rotary phase converter, we have designed the units so that you can expand your phase converter as your needs change.

Customer support- One of the most important features that American Rotary has to offer is our industry leading support. During the sizing process one, of our Application Engineers will help guide you through finding which American Rotary phase converter will work best for your needs. But it doesn’t stop there, American Rotary stands behind our products with the best warranties in the industries. You are able to reach a member of the American Rotary team during our after-hours support should any questions arise. American Rotary is available to our customers through many different channels; phone, email, social media, and online chat just to name a few.

As you can tell, there are many benefits with choosing American Rotary for your three-phase power needs. These are features that will make for an easy buying process for your phase converter, easy hook up, easy operation, and more importantly run your equipment safely how it is designed to be ran. Give American Rotary a call to see how these features will benefit you and the operation of your equipment. American Rotary is always here to help you make your American Dreams your Reality.

10-TIER-1 Tier 1 - 10HP Portable Phase Converter
20-TIER-1 Tier 1 - 20HP Portable Phase Converter
5-TIER-1 Tier 1 - 5HP Portable Phase Converter
10-TIER-2 Tier 2 - 10HP Portable Phase Converter
20-TIER-2 Tier 2 - 20HP Portable Phase Converter
5-TIER-2 Tier 2 - 5HP Portable Phase Converter
10-TIER-3 Tier 3 - 10HP Portable Phase Converter
20-TIER-3 Tier 3 - 20HP Portable Phase Converter
5-TIER-3 Tier 3 - 5HP Portable Phase Converter
Extension Cords
WRASM601 Upgraded - 12' AMP H.D. EXTENSION CORD W/PLUG (Factory Installed Only)
WRASM602 Upgraded - 24' AMP H.D. EXTENSION CORD W/PLUG (Factory Installed Only)
UL UL Listing
FLK3-25HP 3-25HP - Floor Mount Kits for Idler Motor and Panel
Floor Mount Kits30-75HP 30-75HP - Floor Mount Kits for Idler Motor and Panel
Floor Mount Kits100-150HP 100-150 HP - Floor Mount Kits for Idler Motor and Panel
Floor Mount Kits200-300HP 200-300 HP - Floor Mount Kits for Idler Motor and Panel
ALK2units 2 units - Autolink (Links Phase Converters Together)
Autolink3Units 3 Units - Autolink (Links Phase Converters Together)
Autolink4Units 4 Units - Autolink (Links Phase Converters Together)
DU321-DSSQD341(30AMPS) DU321-DS SQD 341 (30 AMPS) - Safety Disconnect Switches
DU322-DSSQD343(60AMPS) DU322- DS SQD 343 (60 AMPS) - Safety Disconnect Switches
DU323-DSSQD345(100AMPS) DU323- DS SQD 345 (100 AMPS) - Safety Disconnect Switches
DU324-DSSQD347(200AMPS) DU324-DS SQD 347 (200 AMPS) - Safety Disconnect Switches
TEFC-5 5 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-10 10 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-15 15 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-20 20 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-25 25 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-30 30 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-40 40 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-50 50 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-60 60 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
TEFC-75 75 HP - TEFC Motor Upgrade
WiredRemoteStart Wired Remote Start
SwitchWire-WRBLK202 Switch Wire- WR BLK 202
WirelessRemoteStart Wireless Remote Start
IdlerGrease Idler Grease


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