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Auto Dolly Fold Up Engine Stand

engine stand  

Engine Stand Attachment

The Engine Stand attaches to a Base Stand Assembly to hold virtually any engine out there. The 4 arms are independently adjustable for virtually any bolt hole configurations. Takes advantage of all of the features our our E-Z Spin system. Rotate your work to the easiest angle. Makes painting engines a breeze!

Two Base Stand Assemblies are included in our Auto Rotisserie, but if you do not own an Auto Rotisserie or do not want to break it down in order use one of the other accessories, the Base Stand Assembly is also available separately. Use it with the Engine Stand and Axle Workstation attachments. Please see those product pages for more information.

Engine Stand Features:

Unit Dimensions

  • Weight: 50 lbs (not including the Base Stand Assembly)
  • Max. side-to-side mount hole distance:
  • 16-7/8 inch (centerline)
  • Max. top-to-bottom mount hole distance:
  • 17-1/16 inch (centerline)
  • Depth: 18-3/8 inch (including mount)
  • Working Depth:9-3/8 inch

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  • The Engine Stand mounts easily to the Base Stand Assembly. 2 Base Stand Assemblies are included with the Auto Rotisserie, or they may be purchased separately.
  • Customers who purchased the Engine Stand also purchase the Merrick Originals Hood Picker and Wheel Hanger.

s-h alt The Auto Dolly products and Specialty Tools are made right here in the USA. That means that we can make our products from the rugged materials necessary, without worrying about how much it will cost to move those materials across an ocean. This allows us to deliver a far more durable product and get it into your hands faster.

Models And Accessories
M998088 Fold Up Engine Stand

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