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Baileigh CNC Roll Benders

CNC Roll Benders

CNC Roll Benders

Baileigh Industrial has a full range of CNC roll benders to meet your needs. Each of these CNC controlled benders allow for faster production times and less material waste. All Baileigh Industrial computer controlled angle benders are hydraulically controlled for the most power and reliability of any CNC roll bender on the market today.

The most compact model in the Baileigh CNC Roll bender line up. The R-CNC45 machine will make a nice addition in almost any shop that roll bends material up to 2 inch. This machine comes equipped with the latest and greatest in CNC technology. The industrial grade touch screen control makes this unit not only flexible but also easy to use and long lasting. The R-CNC45 is capable of storing up to 40 programs with 24 bends per program and can be custom ordered to handle even more! The machine incorporates components from some of the industrys top Manufacturers such as Rexroth, Schneider Electric and many others.

The R-CNC55 roll bender from Baileigh Industrial will allow your shop to make more money with less scrap.  Simply input the desired radii of the finished product load the material and voila out comes the finished product.  This cnc roll bender has three driven rolls and can be operated in the vertical or horizontal position.  The setup of the R-CNC55 roll bender is very easy, because of its integrated software.  The software was designed especially for CNC roll bending applications, so it is extremely intuitive and easy to operate and program through the use of its touch screen operator pedestal.  The top roll is adjusted hydraulically and the bottom rolls have a unique mechanical side to side adjustment for less length of straight at the beginning and end of the bend.  The R-CNC55 comes with a unique digital measuring device for fast calibration, but will also measure the length of bend and the radius of each bend automatically, ensuring the most accurate roll bender ever.

Another popular machine from the Baileigh Industrial Family is our new R-CNC80 machine. With enough power to handle up to 2.5 inch Schedule 40 Pipe this monster of a machine is nothing to take lightly. Together with cutting edge CNC technology and industry leading quality the R-CNC80 machine can bend a vast variety of profiles and/or complex extrusions. The X axis encoder makes it possible for the user to program a desired material length and the machine will automatically fed to that appropriate distance which will come in handy for production run parts. The X Axis works simultaneously with the Y axis to provide smooth transitions between bends while giving the operator the option to attach and save part numbers for each of the bend programs.

With bending capabilities far beyond the norm, this CNC roll bender is Ideal for structural applications, playground manufactures, shipyard builders, etc that want high production with minimal waste.   The R-CNC120 computer controlled roll bender from Baileigh Industrial can bend up to 4.75 inch tube and has the ability to bend multiple radii on a single section.  Working together with a hand held calibration device and cutting edge CNC technology the R-CNC120 is capable of automatically producing a desired radius on its own.  Unlike other CNC roll benders, the integrated software on the Baileigh Industrial line of CNC profile benders is extremely intuitive and easy to operate and program.  The programming of the R-CNC120 is done through the use of its touch screen operator pedestal.

The largest in its class the R-CNC150 roll bender is capable of bending up to 5 inch Schedule 40 Pipe. This pyramid style bending machine will enable the operator to create material calibrations for easy programming of multi-radius parts. With four position interchangeable bottom rolls the R-CNC150 provides increased control and flexibility when bending complex extrusions for the Window and Door Industry. This feature helps to decrease the ovality when bending round tube in the furthest position while also allowing for a decrease in Minimum radius when using the machine in its closest setting.

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