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Baileigh Arbor, H-Frame Hydraulic &

Hydraulic Two Station Shop Presses - 30, 60, and 200 Ton

baileigh  HSP-30M-C Two Station Hydraulic Press
30 Ton H-Frame Press
15 Ton Arbor Press

baileigh  HSP-60M-C Two Station Hydraulic Press
60 Ton H-Frame Press
15 Ton Arbor Press

baileigh  HSP-200M-C Two Station Hydraulic Press
200 Ton H-Frame Press
20 Ton Arbor Press

Hydraulic Shop Presses - 66 Ton to 176 Ton

Air Operated Shop Press - 20 Ton to 100 Ton

C-Frame, Hydraulic, Manual and Electric Bench Presses and Arbor Presses

Hydraulic Shop Press Machines

Baileigh's hydraulic shop press line consists of several models ranging from 16 tons up to 176 tons of pure power. Each H frame hydraulic shop press comes standard with heavy-duty industrial grade hydraulics. We offer a manual hydraulic shop press as well as powered units. All of our machines are made up of electro welded steel plate with solid cross members to easily handle the guaranteed tonnage.

The HSP-16H shop press is not your typical manual hydraulic press. This is an industrial machine that has industrial hydraulics on the machine with a heavy duty return mechanism. The frame work is very heavily built compared to all other machines in this tonnage range. The hand pump has a large reservoir and is heavily built to work for years at maximum capacity. The beam can easily be moved up or down and the hydraulic system has an industrial grade pressure gauge showing the pressure the cylinder is under.

The powered hydraulic shop press line has a large two speed pump on the machine that has a rapid transfer as well as a slower mode once under load. This speed can be manually overridden as well via a toggle control. The pump also has a manual pump mode for finite adjustments. This H frame shop press line has very large heavy duty industrial grade hydraulics and the cylinder can be rolled left or right by a ball bearing transfer unit. Of course there is a pressure gauge so the operator always knows the full load on the machine during operation. All of our powered hydraulic shop presses have a bottom beam that can easily be lifted with the hydraulic cylinder via lift chains that are included as standard. The cylinder head can be unscrewed exposing threads that can be used to adapt additional tooling the customer might have that they’d like to use on the machine.

A Baileigh Hydraulic H frame shop press can come equipped with the optional vee block set. Baileigh shop presses have been designed and constructed for decades of use by fabrication or machine shops. The quality of these industrial grade press machines is seen in seconds by the finish of the entire package. Please click on each shop press machine category and click on the machine again for an enlarged view to really look at what you’re getting. We keep these hydraulic presses in stock for quick deliveries.

Arbor Press and Shop Press Machinery

Baileigh offers a great H frame hydraulic shop press and arbor press line that is built to very high standards that will offer years of profitable service for decades to come for any machine shop or fabrication facility. We offer five different models of hydraulic shop presses to meet most common applications. We also offer the two most popular tonnages of arbor press with either single leverage or ratchet-type single leverage actions.

Our hydraulic shop press line consists of a 16 ton manual hydraulic press as well as a 66, 110, and 176 ton hydraulically powered H frame press. Each machine is heavily built using heavy steel plate that is electro welded together. Industrial grade hydraulics is standard as these machines are for the serious fabrication and machine shop owner who expects only the best quality. The powered H frame press has a high and low speed as well as a manual pump for fine adjustments or insertions. On the 66 ton or larger machine the entire industrial grade hydraulic system can move left or right since it rides on ball bearings. The bottom beam can be lifted or dropped with the chain to cylinder lift system as standard. Some models offer extra wide beams. The H frame hydraulic press line also has vee block supports as an option.

A Baileigh arbor press is made of a heavy ductile iron casting that offers incredible strength and rigidity to the overall framework of each style machine. The base, ram housing, framework and 4 position bottom plate are precision machined for accuracy and trueness. We offer a 3 ton arbor press that has a ratchet-type single leverage action handle that creates maximum pressure with each pull of the press handle. There is also a ram return and advance flywheel for positioning and repositioning for speed of operation. We also offer a large 5 ton arbor press that has an 8-3/4 throat opening. This machine is a single leverage action machine that offers a lot of smooth pressure for pressing and broaching. The square rams on both models are made of hardened steel and is surface ground for smooth of operation even under heavy loads. Baileigh arbor presses have been designed with quality in mind at an extremely affordable price.

Our 3 ton manual press line has a deep 12” throat depth and can be tooled to perform many applications. It can be fitted as a louver press, press brake, radius and corner notcher to name a few, making it a very versatile machine for any fabrication shop. Other options available are shearing, flaring or punching. This is the perfect machine for any chassis or body work professional or hobbyist.

Baileigh H frame hydraulic presses and manual arbor presses are typically in stock for quick deliveries. Call a representative with further questions.

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