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Baileigh PT-510VH-60 CNC Plasma Cutting

Plasma Table âÃÑì PT-510VH-60 CNC

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The PT-510VH-60 CNC plasma table can cut a 5 X 10 ft plate of steel up to 5/8 inch thick and up to 3/8 inch steel plate at full production speed. This cnc plasma machine comes standard with a heavy duty 60 Amp Thermo Dynamics plasma cutting system that requires 220 volts of single phase power so it can work in virtually any fabrication shop.

The PT-510VH-60 CNC plasma cutting table comes standard with a ruggedly constructed square and rectangle box frame, built to easily handle the weights of loading the machine at maximum capacity (note: the machine was built to easily handle a 1 inch thick piece of steel plate that is 5 X 10 ft). The machine is so well built that it weighs in at an impressive 3520 lbs of heavy steel construction. The table includes a powerful downdraft system, an ample water reservoir, and water jet system that works in conjunction with the plasma arc to keep the part cool and clean after being cut. Like all Baileigh CNC plasma tables it comes pre-built so there is minimal assembly required, noting that this is a serious industrial machine and not a kit model like other hobby machines on the market.

This CNC plasma cutting table comes standard with our easy to use design software that can be loaded into any basic PC and downloaded via an included communication wire or remotely by USB stick. A sturdy operation control station includes basic stop, start, and run functions as well as includes a large operator control console screen with key pad controls. This CNC plasma machine can run any program designed by the software and controls the X, Y & Z axis. The Z axis is the automatic plasma height allowing for perfect arc distance at all times even on uneven materials, making each cut perfect, every time.

The PT-510VH-60 CNC plasma table has an industrial grade gantry travel system for the X, Y & Z axis that rides on heavy Thompson shafts with needle bearing shuttles that use wiper dies to keep the welding dust out of the bearing for a smooth transfer without any chatter. Movement of the gantry is driven by Panasonic servo bushless motors that are controlled by Panasonic servo motion controllers so the machine is dead on accurate compared to other models that use simple step motor designs.

Like all Baileigh CNC plasma cutting tables the PT-510VH-60 is an industrial grade plasma table that will provide the fabrication shop with decades of profitable use.

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