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Baileigh SR-5016 Powered Slip Rolls

Baileigh Slip Roll SR-5016

Made in Taiwan

Every fabrication shop needs the ability to roll metal.  The SR-5016 electric slip roll from Baileigh Industrial is a 50 inch roll former that can roll 16 gauge mild steel with ease.  This is the perfect roller for any HVAC shop or general fabrication shop that like to save time and effort when rolling sheet metal.  Powered by 1 hp 220 volt single phase motor controls the movement of the two driven roll and assures that the SR-5016 has enough power for any job in just about any location.

The upper portion of main frame of the SR-5016 electric slip roll is made from solid plate steel that has been precisely machined to be the same on the left and right sides of the machine.  This keeps all three rolls in perfect alignment during the bending process.  The all steel lower base of the SR-5016 is integrated into the uprights and is fully welded for rigidity.

The SR-5016 electric slip roll uses a foot pedal for both left and right rolling applications and has integrated emergency stops to help maintain a safe workplace.  If wire rolling is needed, the SR-5016 also comes with three wire grooves.

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Model SR-5016
Roll Speed 16 rpm.
Upper Roll Dia. 3 inch
Minimum Forming Dia 4.5 inch
Motor 1 hp
Wire Grooves Yes
Stand Yes
Capacity (Mild Steel) 16 ga. (.060")
Forming Width 50 inch
Power 220V / 1-phase
Shipping Weight 770 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 67 x 26 x 46 inch


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